Housekeep [Solo]


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    Housekeep [Solo]

    Post by Vlad on 8/27/2016, 7:36 pm

    Clover town was a place that was, almost exclusively, upper and middle class. There were not many poor inhabitants of this place, and he was fine with it. The town was very beautiful and it allowed for pleasant strolls through the night; these were even more enjoyable in the morning, just as the sun was rising. Such a splendid sight was one that Vlad was able to enjoy to his fullest, even if he was surrounded by such corruption; somethings simply could not be tainted by the material world; something so pure that it let him completely enjoy it. Nothing would ruin this for him, nothing from this world would stop him. Today he had a very easy job, it was something that was so far beneath him that he could complete this request in a matter of five minutes; he could even have some fun... Maybe... Eh, why risk it? This face needed to gain some popularity. "Well, it seems I am almost there." He muttered, climbing over the hill; peering down at the place he could see the house he needed to fix, and it was rather fucking disgusting. He could not believe others lived in something such as that; it was better off being torn down.

    "Lets do this..." He sighed, beginning his saunter down the hill; it was as he did this that he would hear the infernal barking of some dog. Tch, why can't they put a muzzle on the mother fucker; polluting the place with its non stop noise. Honestly, who would allow such a thing to continue to disturb its neighbors.... wait... is it getting closer? Vlad turned his head, looking over his shoulder it became very apparent as to why this was. The dog that was mention on the flyer? As it approached, closer and closer, he could begin to discern its figure. "Yep..." He sighed, changing his pace to a brisk jog; well, it seemed this was not enough as the dog continued to grow closer and closer; "WHAT THE FUCK!?" He began to run,increasing the distance between the two. It seemed the mother fucker would not leave him alone. He, really, wanted to hurt him. "I've done nothing to you bud!" He yelled, hoping the fence into the yard of the man who had tasked him with this damned job.

    Looking around the place it was a disaster, and that was being kind; it seemed this man had no skill in construction at all; he could not even change a light bulb... This is what he gathered by simply looking around the yard; all the grass was dead. "What the hell...." He was awfully confused, he did not understand how someone could simply allow their property to turn into such a shit hole; at least hire someone to maintain it... ALL SEASON! The people in this area were affluent enough to be able to afford that commodity; and this house was rather large; he was well enough off to be able to cover this. Walking in, it seemed the man could not lock a door, the place was decorated in an elaborate manner, although it was a pig stye. 

    "Oh my lord.... what the fuck is this guy doing with his life? Please, do explain it to me..." He sighed, breaking out a can of bug killer. This would, surely, kill the flies. walking through the entire house he simply began to spray this; dozens of flies would hit the ground as he continued his journey. "Done! Roof time!" He chuckled, grabbing the wood that the man had left for him, and headed to the top of the roof; this was a rather quick fix. Vlad got to work; it was rather simple, after all. Placing the plank over the hole in the ceiling he would simply place a nail over the corner and begin to slam it into place. "God, I could hire a damned foreigner to do this for slave wages..." He chuckled, thinking about that. He would still make money too. Eh, nah. He enjoyed it, to be honest. An honest day of work was nothing compared to what he was usually doing. 

    Finishing up his job he was ready to leave this damned town; this house alone was causing him to become ill. Really, who allowed for their homes to become such a complete and utter mess? Well, he did what he was asked and it was over. Simple. Clean. Walking off into the sunset he simply looked forward; there was no time left in the day to look back.



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