Tag [Solo]


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    Tag [Solo]

    Post by Vlad on 27th August 2016, 3:56 pm

    Vlad let out a slight sigh; it was one of his few, and very beloved, days to take a rest. He simply planned to sit around and enjoy the sites that Magnolia had to offer. Sure, it would be done under the guise of another, but that simply allowed for him to live on in an uninterrupted forum. It was much easier if it was done like that. No one would have a problem with Cornelius walking around the place, however, they'd have a problem if Vlad had decided to simply walk around for a bit. This was the life of a Coming storm.

    As he walked through the quaint Garden he must have drawn some attention, because it seemed the children would flock around him. "Why... hello there little ones!" He would say, a smile plastered on his face. What do this kids want? I'm not really in the mood to waste too much time on this... Can't they bother their parents? Well, lets just hear them out... 

    "Hey mister, wanna play tag? It's lots of fun! I promise!" The kid said in an ecstatic manner, unable to contain his excitement at the prospect of playing tag on such a large scale such as the garden; it was not large in the eyes of a person who was able to travel around the world, but for a kid. This was a large area. "Sure, kid. Let's play." He exclaimed, looking the are over. It was going to be a long fucking day. Letting out a slight sigh, he would move forward. "Oi, I'll go first."

    "Ready? I'm coming and I'm not holding back!" He chuckled, moving around the garden. It was a rather pleasant day to be out and about; fucking fools that work in their little cubicles. They can never experience days like this. They do not know what true freedom is. They do not know what it means to be alive. He chuckled, walking through the garden, looking for the children. He just realized something... He was an adult male playing tag with children.... What the fuck...

    Letting out a slight sigh, he chose not to think on it. Running through the area was something that he would choose over anything else; sure, he was wasting the day with some random street urchins, but... Well, it was fine. As long as he was not confined indoors, he could endure this tragedy; yes, it was a tragedy. He was already regretting it. Too simply sell his day to these children for nothing.... 

    Vlad would finally see his freedom. A child was out and about; making this kid his target he would burst forward, running at his full speed he quickly got to the child. Tapping him on the head he would continue running, hoping over the rose bush and out of the garden. At last, freedom! Letting out a small yell he would simply continue to run; it was done. He was done playing tag. No more! FREEDOM WAS HIS!



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