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    Guard My House • Private, Job


    Guard My House • Private, Job Empty Guard My House • Private, Job

    Post by Guest on 24th August 2016, 10:06 am

    Job Info:
    Job: Guard My House!
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: At least one C rank mage. 250 Words Each minimum, 20 Posts Minimum.
    Job Requirements:
    Must not be below C rank, Keep the house safe and do not let any items be stolen,
    Job Location:
    Peace Village
    Job Description:
    "Hello there, mage. I'm Mr. Watson, one of the richest businessmen in Fiore. I have a house in Peace Village which is under threat. Some thieves are trying to steal my prized possessions, and I'm not there to protect my household, for I am on a business trip to another country. Please, guard my lot for a day, and I'll promise to give some reward. Don't get yourself hurt, alright?"
    These guys aren't really powerful, so taking care of them is rather easy. They can show up in small to somewhat large groups, so be weary.
    Weak; 3
    Normal; 5
    Strong; 10
    Reward: 2,000 jewels

    Guard My House • Private, Job Empty Re: Guard My House • Private, Job

    Post by Guest on 24th August 2016, 12:42 pm

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    It was nice to be back in her home village once more. Though it had only been six months since she left her home in hopes of achieving her dreams, with all the things that had been going on recently she had forgotten how much she missed this place.
    Multiple times the musician had been tempted to visit her grandfather and check up on him, but decided against it as her change in appearance might trigger him to worry about her. Something she did not want as her grandfather was already a busy man, he didn't need to worry about her well being on top of it all. But it was more on an excuse to not tell him what had happened with Izayuki. If she told him that the guildmaster almost killed her and Lucius twice the news may get back to her parents. That was even more of a worry. Knowing her mother she'd try and force the girl to come back home and live with them where it was safer. She had almost been forced back when she told them she was going to join Black Rose. If they found out she almost died because of it there'd be hell to pay.

    Having avoided the village's center due to this very worry of running into someone who knew her the violinist had taken the long way around, walking through the edge of the village's land instead of going through the many paths in it.
    Red gaze locking onto a small, subcluded mansion in the distance Astrid paused in her tracks, watching carefully as she caught human movement in the distance near the entrance of the house, rushing widely to a center point near the door.
    What was happening? Were there thieves trying to get in already? In broad daylight?
    She began to walk again, quickening her pace to try and reach the mansion to see what was going on.
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