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    Let's Talk of Treasure

    Janet Cinderfeild
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    Let's Talk of Treasure Empty Let's Talk of Treasure

    Post by Janet Cinderfeild 24th August 2016, 2:40 am

    Job info:
    Job Title: The Hunter

    Rank: B

    Player Requirements: B-Ranked Wizard(s) or two C-Ranked Wizards.

    Job Requirements: Thread must be 40 posts long. 300 words per post. Must locate the Lost Saint's Treasure Vault buried beneath the Ancient Ruins after defeating the Gemstone Hunter or Harper Goldenshine. This Job May Only Be Completed Once by any Character

    Job Location: Ancient Ruins

    Job Description: Legend tells that somewhere within the Ancient Ruins; the original Ten Wizard Saints of old, one millenia ago; the ten of them gathered, and collectively hid away their most valuable artifacts and treasures.

    For awhile; no one knew how to navigate the old ancient city and labyrinths; but one bold Wizard, Harper Goldenshine, reknowned across Fiore for his treasure hunting skills; claims to know a way to find the treasure. Rumour has it that he and his band of Treasure Hunters; 'The Gem Brothers'; have been searching the Ancient Ruins for days now, and are somewhere within.

    Harper is known for misusing artifacts he finds, he could find something truly powerful in the trove of the original ten Wizard Saints; and this is something that the Magic Council is not willing to risk. The Council has sent out requests to the Guilds, both Legal and Dark; with a challenge for the wizards to find the treasure before the Gem Brothers do. The Council has promised too keep the treasure safe on display in Era's Mueseum for future generations to behold; but also has promised to make the Wizard's who might be successful in this endeavor handomsely paid with coin from the Old Saint's Trove itself after it's found.

    Count Sparrow himself has also promised that each Wizard who helps recover this piece of Wizarding World history; will get to keep one item from the Old Wizard Saint's trove for their own personal use.

    It is a mountain of golden, gilded treasures that stretches the size of fifteen buses. Deep, deep, within the Ancient Ruins. It glistens.


    Weak: Rookie Treasure Hunter x3 (C-Ranked, Non Wizard; they carry an array of different style swords with them. They're not very fast; but very sturdy young lads. Their slashes can deal C-Ranked damage in chain slashes. They take 2 hits of B-Ranked damage to down each.)

    Normal: Professional Treasure Hunter x5 (B-Ranked, Non Wizard; they carry an array of different styles of guns and cannon weapons on them. Very, very fast, running and shooting is their specialty; along with explosions; a nod to their careers as treasure hunters and master excavation artists. They can deal rapid fire B-Ranked damage to targets, and A-Ranked damage if they use cannons or explosives. Takes 4 hits of B-Ranked damage to take each one of these experienced treasure hunters out. )

    Strong: Gemstone Hunter (B-Ranked, Wizard. Uses Crystal-Make Magic. Can instantly deflect or trap any Light or Water spell of up to B-Ranked with a successful block. Can be used to slam, push and trap, or construct weapons out of. This wizard is incredible with all different types of weapons through his 'Make', from Giant Waraxes, to Crystal Bows, too Crystal Swords of different shape and size. Will attempt to trap opponents in crystal prisons and then continue for chain attacks as well. If you fail more than 5 blocks against him over the course of the fight; he will trap you in a Crystal-Make prison and shatter it with an attack for A-Ranked damage. Takes 3 hits of A-Ranked or 6 hits of B-Ranked damage to take this bad, bad hunter down.)

    Boss: Harper Goldenshine (A-Ranked, Wizard. Uses Crystal-Make Magic. One of the most famous wizards in Fiore; Harper's 'make' is so fast that it seems to appear instantly from nowhere. He can do anything one can imagine with Crystal-Make; anything from creating a house, too a lion, too a gigantic crystal serpent. He can whirl out crystal blades that can block any spell B-Ranked and below and also use crystal walls that prevent him from taking any damage whatsoever. He also is a fan of creating giant weapons out of thin-air that slam down and shatter on his opponents for A-Ranked damage. Light and Water are useless against him as he will instantly crystalize them as the spells are being weaved. Takes 6 hits of A-Ranked damage or 12 hits of B-Ranked damage to take down The Hunter himself.)

    Reward: 10,000 Jewels, One Legendary Item Each and an extra B rank's of Exp (added after bonus calculation)

    Justin Had gotten word for a very old source...who's name doesn't matter a whole lot but what is important it said that it lead to a treasure guarded by monsters and that hundreds if not thousands of Other treasure hunters had wanted to get to the treasure before him.  Just read the letter and the talk of the reward was more then most men could bare...but he wasn't most men.  Normally he would have ignored it since he wasn't into treasure hunting due to it reminding him of his criminal past but the latter said something that he never thought he would read.  It simply stated as followed.  "Not you could find the treasure anyway..." Those words... those words would make the fire inside him flare up.  "Does he even know who I am!" he would say loudly standing up in one swift motion.  Justin was a fool to be baited so easily but he was glad to be that fool after all someone had to. Though he wasn't going to go in without someone else to witness him after all what would be the point of proving himself.  He then burst out of his room running through the guild hall.  He eventually spotted Mina at a table and sparked as he walked over.  He put the map on the table rolling it out. "Hello there the name is Justin,  Justin Tyme and you have been selected to come on a grand adventure with me,  Naturally you shouldn't refuse because not everyone gets this pleasure"  he said looking at his guild mate as he smiled.  Justin then smiled at his guild mate was that what they called coming on to strong should he redo it...no that would look incredibly lame he decided to stick with it and gauge there reaction from there.  He waited for Mina's reaction wondering and hoping they'd accept his invitation on this epic quest...or so he told himself.


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