Bharail's Dark Beings


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    Bharail's Dark Beings

    Post by Bharail on 23rd August 2016, 8:34 am

    Name: Epis
       Rank: Weak
       Species: Esnum-Small Dark Spiriit
       Type: Non-Combat Companion
    An annoying little creature that dwells in the body of a Black Ink Control mage. This one in particular isn't quite useful. All he can do is talk crap and attract the attention of monsters to the caster. Not too good for a Stealth-based caster...
     Abilities: Annoy people.

       Name:  Randis
       Rank: Weak
       Species: Savant, Dark Ink Spirit
       Type: Combat Companion
    The Savants are much more polite than the Esnum, but tend to scold their master whenever possible. This spirit refuses to aid the user until they are at least a C rank.


       Name: Savant's Palm
       Rank: D
       Type: Dark Offensive
       Duration: Instant
       Cooldown: 2 Posts
       Description: The Savant raises its palm, creating a spell circle. From the circle a large, 10 ft. X 5 ft. palm is shot forward, traveling at around 30 mph. The palm zooms forward, and explodes when it collides with an object, dealing AoE damage in a 3 meter radius around the origin.

    • Force- The palm's explosion can cause knock-back on creatures/ mages of the same rank


    • Detectable- Unlike most Black Ink spells, the Savant's Palm is quite loud. The sound of the palm barreling towards its target can be heard from quite a distance.
    • Spell Trigger- If a spell collides with the palm, it will detonate early, causing it to be harmful to the caster.


       Name: Savant's Strength
       Rank: C
       Type: Dark Buff
       Duration: up to 3 posts
       Cooldown: one post longer than the spell ends.
       Description: The Savant goes into the body of their master or an ally and a spell circle appears behind them. A ghostly image of the Savant's arm appears next to their own. The arm mimics the the user's movements and radiates a dark energy. For a limited time, the buff recipient of the pet is able to cause spell damage in the form of a melee attack. The spell only works on fists or fist weapons. One an attack is landed, the spell ends.

    • Spell Buff- The master of the Savant is able to do a rank's worth of spell damage in the form of a punch.
    • Knock Back- In addition to the damage, their attack causes a decent amount of knock-back to entities of the recipient's rank. Lower ranked creatures are sent flying


    • Strength Sap- The spell recipient will take 10% more damage while the spell is active.
    • Temporary Silence- The recipient cannot use a spell while Savant's Strength is active.
    • Spell Cancel- If the spell recipient is hit by a spell while Savant's Strength is acitve, the Savant will be knocked out of them and the spell will end. The Savant will take 30% damage from the spell.

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