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    Where's my Goldfish? [Job | Solo]


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    Where's my Goldfish? [Job | Solo] Empty Where's my Goldfish? [Job | Solo]

    Post by Iesha on 22nd August 2016, 11:07 am

    Job Description:

    Job Title: Where's My Goldfish?
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Solo
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum
    Job Location: Clover Town
    Job Description:
    A young, very young girl checked her goldfish bowl upon getting home from school only to find it empty. It's your task to break the bad news to her, as well as get her to stop crying about it.

    Reward: None.

    There are many hidden things inside,
    that made me change so much.

    Striding through the town of clover, she let the light breeze assault her as it brushed through her wild short hair. Her eyelids drooped, barely showing her lifeless hazel eyes. She walked with her back slightly bent as the black leather jacket hung off her lower arm. The sleeveless black shirt she wore wavered at the touch of the wind. Her long legs moved slowly and her arms hung lifeless as she stretched her mouth wide to release a yawn which caused her eyes to close and tears to gather within them.

    It was then that she suddenly felt something underneath a foot, like an average sized rock except that it was....soft but she did not realize it until she had tiredly walked a few steps further. Her eyebrows scrunched together with what little strength she had to uphold an expression as she turned around. Letting her sleepy eyes look at the object there for a second, she released another yawn which she covered yet again with her hand as her mind was too tired to comprehend.

    Turning back around in an attempt to walk away, realization suddenly hit her as her eyelids opened, widening her hazel eyes and her back immediately straightened. Flipping around once again, she quickly walked towards the object and her her mouth open wide in shock as what lay before her, what she stepped upon was a small, orange shaded, dead goldfish.

    Her face morphed into one of guilt as all of her tiredness flew away with the goldfish's soul. "Oh my god, did I just kill a fish?" She wasn't particularly fond of animals but that didn't mean that she was up for killing them. She sat, slightly leaning to get a good look at the fish before straightening her back and falling into thought. "Stepping on a goldfish couldn't have killed it, right?" She wondered, being unsure herself before agreeing, "Well, it is out of the water, so that means that I didn't kill it?"

    Letting that thought settle in her head, she felt relieved. She felt bad for the poor fish, "Sorry for stepping on you. Have fun in heaven." With that, she hauled herself up and tried to walk away only to stop once again. Although she wasn't one who was particularly fond of animals, she felt bad for just leaving it like that. With a sigh, she walked back towards the deceased animal before digging in the sand near it with her bare hands. Once she had dug a hole deep enough, she let her face morph into one of disdain as she picked up the fish and placed it inside the hole. She felt rather weird when touching animals.

    The commotion of hurried footsteps caught her attention as she turned her head to see a small girl running with tears in her eyes. The girl spotted the female and ran towards her. "Excuse me, Miss? Have you seen Bucky? He's my goldfish. He's this big." She stated while sniffing and holding out her hands to let Vivian know the size of the fish. Vivian's face, however remained blank as she turned her face towards the uncovered hole in which the fish lay. The girl, seeming to spot it let out a loud cry, "Bucky!"

    The girl looked at Vivian with a tear stained face and an accusing look to which the mage raised her hands in defense, "Hey, don't at me like that! I didn't kill it. It was already dead when I got here. I was just being nice and burying the poor thing up." She found no need to mention the part about her stepping on it. Her words didn't comfort the girl as her cries became louder. Vivian, not knowing what to do, awkwardly patted the child's back. "There, there. It's okay." But the girl didn't stop crying and the female was clueless as to what she should do now. "Uh, everyone dies. Bucky is probably in a better place now and he's probably happily swimming with his...uh...friends?"

    She awkwardly smiled at the child, hoping that she would stop crying because the mage felt rather uncomfortable and to her luck, the child did. The girl sniffed before wiping her tears, "Really?" To which Vivian nodded. "I guess so." The girl said before covering up the hole and standing up, followed by the mage, "Thank you for burying him."

    Vivian smiled at the girl who bowed and then left, waving at the mage. The female waved back before letting her hand rest on her back, "Ah, my back hurts." With that, the young, tired mage, lifelessly walked away from the vicinity.
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