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    [Guildless] For the Glory of the Guildless!


    [Guildless] For the Glory of the Guildless! Empty [Guildless] For the Glory of the Guildless!

    Post by Guest on 21st August 2016, 2:21 pm

    Job Title: For the Glory of the Guildless!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be guildless. 150 words per post, 20 posts total in the thread, or total WC of 3k words.
    Job Requirements: Patch up and clean Ald Ruhn.
    Job Location: Talonia ; Ald Ruhn
    Job Description: The palace Ald Ruhn has been neglected for a while. This is the place where all guildless can find peace, so it is your job to patch the place up.


    Sweep the floors... All of them...
    Dust the furniture... All of it...
    Fix a hole in the floor
    Put fresh firewood in the fireplace
    Take out any trash, including broken furniture
    Wipe down and clean any tables
    Make all of the beds
    (Any other player-choice tasks)

    Reward: Regular D rank EXP and a room in Ald Ruhn, free of charge, includes a bed, curtains, a bookcase with books in stock, a dresser, a coffee table, and three misc. Paintings. No rent or anything, but if you want anymore stuff in your room you'll have to buy it yourself.

    --Credits to Kissos.

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