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    Wine Testing


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    Wine Testing Empty Wine Testing

    Post by Iesha 17th August 2016, 11:20 am

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    There are many hidden things inside,
    that made me change so much.

    The night lights reigned over the darkness that covered the sky, allowing the shine to fall upon those who passed by underneath the blanket of stars. Rose Garden truly was a beautiful place where people came to enjoy a beautiful night out, and that's the exact same reason the female sauntered through the street. She walked in the midst of families, couples and friends all alone, letting an expression of longing sit on her face.

    Her footsteps suddenly halted, letting the wind gently brush through her short hair while also embracing her figure clad in a light brown blouse along with a pair of black jeans. She reversed her footsteps, walking backwards as a pleasured smile crawled onto her face. She inhaled the air once again, letting the aroma of the delicious delicacies enter her nose. She opened the hazel eyes she had closed before looking up at the fancy restaurant that stood roughly five meters away from her. Her smile remained in tact as she looked upon the outer beauty of the place and judging from the review her nose is giving her, it's internal beauty; it's food must be even more amazing.

    She continued smiling like a maniac in the middle of the street, obstructing people's path. "Why am I not going in?" She asked herself. It was then that her smile suddenly fell and her lips crawled side-wards, stretching over her face, "Right. I'm broke. That's why." With a regretful sigh, she raised her hand, wanting to go somewhere she could possibly never go, unless of course she actually bothers working to earn money. "We'll meet one day." With a dramatic sigh, she turned to walk away when a sudden shot of pain reigned over her despair.

    Her face scrunched in pain as her hazel eyes shut while her hand grabbed her head as if trying to stop the pain, "Oh God, not again." She muttered in pain before her body once again, returned to normal. She opened her eyes, revealing crimson hues where hazels ones once were. A sigh escaped her, or rather his, lips as he raised his hand to his neck and stretched, "Ahh finally. I was wondering how much longer I'd have to stay cramped in there." A smirk crawled on his face before he too fell victim to the aroma. Inhaling, he grinned looking at the restaurant, where unlike Vivian, he decided to go, not caring about the fact that he had no money.

    He sauntered in, grabbing a table. Before a waiter could come in and take his order, he overheard a man talking about needed some for wine testing. A smirk crawled onto his face as he hauled himself off the seat and walked over to the man, "I heard you need some to test wines." The old man, who Donovan assumed was the owner nodded his head urgently, "Yes, yes we do." Donovan charmingly smiled at the man, "I don't mean to brag but I am an expert when it comes to wines."

    The man's eyes widened, "Really? Will you help me?" Donovan nodded, letting his smile sit on his pale face. The old man dragged him towards the counter where Donovan took a seat. Before him were placed three large cups of beverages which made his crimson eyes sparkle. "Okay, so try them out and tell me which one of these is the best." The old man stated as the mage nodded before sipping each one. "Hmm, I'd say the second one is better. Wait, let me take another sip." With that excuse, he continued slowly drinking up the drinks until they were nearly over, "No, it's the third one. This is definitely the best."

    He gave the man a thumbs up before gulping down whatever was left. He felt tipsy but he was happy. The old man smiled before handing a ticket to the mage. "Take this and come wherever you want. Your next meal at my restaurant will be free." Donovan grinned at the man before accepting it and slowly walking his way out, losing his balance because of the alcohol.
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