Tag, You're it!


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    Tag, You're it!

    Post by Iesha on Wed 17 Aug - 13:28

    Job Description:
    Job Title: Tag!
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank any amount of players
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum PER PLAYER (+200 per player beyond the 2nd)
    Job Location: Magnolia, East Garden
    Job Description: Some kids have asked you to play tag with them, so... go play tag.

    Reward: None.

    There are many hidden things inside,
    that made me change so much.

    The light breeze danced through the foliage of the East Garden within Magnolia as the birds chirped in happiness pressurizing on the happy and light atmosphere that lingered within the area. Her long strides allowed her to walk faster as she let a smile play on her lips, allowing her hazel eyes to squint slightly in the process. She sauntered, letting the cool breeze lightly whip through her shoulder-length wine shaded hair. Momentarily letting her eyes, she took in the peaceful atmosphere until something bumped into her, smacking her in the torso. It didn't inflict any pain at all, but it did take her by surprise as her eyelids few open and stared down at the small boy that sat on the ground.

    Assuming that it was he who bumped into her, she bend down, "Are you okay?" She asked, looking into the boy's teary eyes. Her gaze traveled to his arm which seemed a little bruised due to the impact of the fall. "You seem injured. Does it hurt?" He nodded his head at that. The female wasn't good with kids but she helped the boy up, "If you play, you're going to get hurt. So there's no point crying over it. Go and continue playing." She said with a grin as the boy stared at her, "Will you play with us too?" She was taken by surprise as she stared at the boy. Being unable to say no, she said yes.

    He grinned before touching her, "Tag, you're it" and with that, he ran. She sighed before letting her head fall, "Playing with a bunch of kids, huh?" She muttered, "Sounds fun.", she let out sarcastically. She lifted her left foot to move forward when a gust of pain shot though her head, causing her to grab it as her vision blurred. She grabbed the nearest tree for support as she squirmed in pain and alas, she was back to normal. The boy returned, "Miss, you're it. We're playing tag. Come on."

    Her head lifted up in joy as her now blue eyes sparkled, "ooooooh, we're playing tag? Okay! Let's play! I'm coming!" She said with a grin on her face. With that, she ran behind the young kids, acting strangely as if she too was a kid, which she was. Jade ran behind the kids, playing tag with them until she was sweating within Vivian's clothes. The only thing that differed her from the other kids was Vivian's rather tall physique.

    Time flew by as the blue eyed girl played with kids until hey were finally tired and out of energy. Falling on the ground, she let out a small giggle, "That was so much fun. Let's play again!" She said with enthusiasm as the other kids panted for air. Before they could agree, their parents called them over and for Jade, play time was over. She pouted, before sniffling and eventually, tears began falling from her oceanic eyes as she still wanted to play more but she was all alone now.
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