Rowan get The Rarest Flower [Solo Job]

    Rowan Protegan

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    Rowan get The Rarest Flower [Solo Job]

    Post by Rowan Protegan on 13th August 2016, 2:20 pm

    Making as much sound as humanly possible, Rowan crashed through the Spooky Forest of Fiore. Despite being noon, an air of gloom and darkness clung to the atmosphere, most likely because of the thick branches and leaves overhead the blocked out almost all rays of light from the sun. The plasma mage, of course, wasn’t trying to be the epitome of all things non-stealthy, but Rowan was eager to get the job done and get out before anything bad could happen. He had been here quite a few times before, and each visit held some sort of hidden attack or some other bothersome hindrance. Already he could feel a tingle of uneasiness that run up and down his back, giving him the feeling that someone was watching from the shadows. This time around, the plasma mage was looking for some precious flower for a medicinal shop in Magnolia. They hadn’t given him too much to go on other than saying that it was a white looking flower with a very distinct scent. Rowan sighed for perhaps the hundredth time that day as he continued stumbling through the near complete darkness and thick foliage. With any luck, he’d find the flower soon so he could go back and cash in on the much needed jewel.


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