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    Margaret Elle And The Passport Plight

    Necromancer Eon
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    Completed Margaret Elle And The Passport Plight

    Post by Necromancer Eon 11th August 2016, 2:49 am

    Margaret sat near the waters and sighed. It never occurred to her that the line might’ve been longer that what she had in mind. She stared the line as people rustled in their places, moving ever so slightly forward. It would have been bearable for her if it wasn’t for the fact that the line was so very noisy and the fact that the sun was really bearing down, making it a damp and hot scene at the docks. The only relief she had was when the line moved and that only ever happened when someone had been issued a passport or some impatient person or persons left the line to try their luck another day. The line moved a little more, prompting her to take another step forward but suddenly the woman behind her shoved and pushed her out of line. “Hey!” She said as she stood up. The woman ignored her and even had the gall to turn her head away. Margaret tried to push herself back into her place in line before but the outcry from the back of the line stopped her from pushing even further.

    Margaret’s eyes twitched in annoyance and supressed anger. Her view travelled across the line from the clerk to the end of the line. “Oh. I’m not gonna wait again.” She said finally as she suddenly retreated somewhere nearby. “OH MY GOD WHATS THAT IN THE SKY!?” She suddenly shouted. Those in line looked up and in those few moments Aftershock had already been casted on the line, careful not to hit the clerk. Surely a small scare couldn’t hurt anyone right?

    The earth shook the line prompting surprised shrieks and screams of ‘EARTHQUAKE!!!’ The people scrambled for safety, sending the line in disarray and culling their numbers. Some even jumped into the water for safety, the sights of which made her chuckle lightly. Moments later the line was completely deserted and the clerk confused since he didn’t feel the earth shake. Margaret skipped happily towards the clerk, arms swinging in joy and a smile adorning her face.

    “Hello~” She greeted in a sing song voice as she reached the clerk. The clerk was caught off guard by the sudden happy greeting, he had been on the receiving end of so much shouting today that the sudden brightness that the girl seemed to bring caught him off guard. “I’m here for a passport~ Surely you have one for me~?” She requested nicely and politely. The way she acted was cute for the clerk and he nodded fervently as he reached for a passport. “A-and what’s your name miss?” She gave a slight bow. “The name is Margaret Elle! M A R G A R E T then E L L E, you get all of that?” She said. The clerk nodded and did stuff with the passport before giving it to her. She had already left the area before the clerk remembered that he forgot to ask her other things before shrugging. Surely someone that pretty and innocent looking wouldn’t be bad. Meanwhile Margaret walked down the docks, happy that she finally had a passport. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw the woman that had shoved her out of line, sopping wet and rushing for the clerk before the line could reassemble.


    Before the woman could completely pass her, Margaret pushed her back into the water with a small smile.


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