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    I Hate Rich People (job)

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    I Hate Rich People (job) Empty I Hate Rich People (job)

    Post by Shipping Goddess 10th August 2016, 11:07 am

    Lily had her green hair tied back into a ponytail. Her normal attire of armor and old clothes were nowhere to be seen. All that could be seen on her was a straight black dress, with dragon... Er wyvern scales lining the bottom. The mix of the scales and the black of the dress made it seem like Lily radiated light, and she felt like it too.

    "Sorry Marshmallow... As much as I hate to say it, you can't come along. I'm supposed to act like a princess or something... Hopefully i seem so." The wyvern let out a screech of approval, then lay down on the grass.

    Lily had no idea how to be a noble, not at all. She wasn't born a noble, she will most likely never be a noble. The only thing she knows is that nobles are snobs and most of the time use money as weapons... But she had no money to flaunt around. The only thing she had was a small shack in a wide open field and a wyvern. And now she was on her way to Shirotsume, the land of feudalism and nobles... This would be a fun night.

    "You know what? You can come Marshy Marshy... You'll need to guard the ball, as nobles don't fight... Er at least i don't think so. So let's ride!"

    Hopefully these "personality quircks" aren't what I think they'll be... The wyvern rider thought to herself as they flew down next to the mansion that the noble lived at.

    "Where in blazes have you been!? The ball starts in ten minutes! And what is THAT? That BEAST you're riding? Don't you fear you'll tear your dress or something? You should've brought a chariot like everyone else!" The man, in his mid-twenties, began ranting off on. The thought of tearing her dress hadn't occured until now, as Lily doesn't normally wear dresses. This thought made her face turn entirely red as she jumped off of Marshmallow and instantly started adjusting her dress.

    "I-I'm sorry! I wanted to order a chariot or something but I couldn't! I have very little money as is, I'm banking on this job to fund myself. I normally perform acts of justice free of charge... But now my purse is looking quite empty. Sorry I didn't introduce myself, citizen. I am Lilian Truth!" Lilian got an instant dirty look from the man.

    "So I assume we're to ride that beast to the ball!? And did you just call me CITIZEN? I should be calling YOU that. I am your superior! Not some average bwggar on the streets! And Truth was it? As in the family of brutes and wyvern riders? Ha! You're lucky it's a job, because you'll never get the chance to speak to someone as esteemed as me ever again! Now if your brutish lowlife lifestyle has plagued you, I can understand. But for tonight, you follow my orders, and that's to act as noble as possible!"

    Lilian already hated this guy. After explaining the only way to get to the ball fast enough was via Marshmallow (who's name he despised) the man finally agreed to fly there, except he was to be the one piloting. Marshmallow didn't like that idea at all, but the man was actually a surprisingly good flier. Now, they were finally at the ball.

    "Johnny boy! You got yourself a date! I thought it impossible!" A noble said to the man in front of Lily. Apparently his name was Johnny.

    "Michael, my brother. I have done the impossible at last. This is Lilian, she comes from a prestigous line of riders. This is her very own mount." Johnny said to the man.

    Great, now he wants to treat her like a human being.

    After stepping off the wyvern and adjusting her dress once more, Michael walked over to Lilian and kissed her hand. Was this how all nobles acted?

    "If Johnny mistreats you, you only need tell me darling. I know he doesn't have a way with words..."

    Lilian didn't reply. Instead she took her hand back in a gentle manner and took Johnny's elbow (as much as it pained her to do) and walked in with him. There, music was playing and people were talking. There was food lined up on a table. Apparently not everything was abnormal at noblepeople parties.

    Johnny asked - no told Lily to dance with him, which she obliged to despite her not knowing how to. Perhaps a little embarrasment would slap some sense into this man. The couple went out onto the dance floor, and a slow song was playing. Johnny put his hands on her waist, and she put hers on his shoulders (because that's where she thought they were supposed to go)

    "I'll feed you to Marshmallow if you lower your hands." Lily said, quiet enough so only he could hear it.

    "Oh really? Let's test that theory, shall we?" The man lowered his hands, resting them on Lily's bum. Lily gave him a harsh glare, but she knew she couldn't do anything.

    "That's right... Ally of Justice can't touch me because I hold your lifeline. The money I pay you goes to you at twelve o' clock -" The clock at the party rang, then again, then again. It was almost as if it were on cue, but the twelve strokes of the clock signalled that the party was over. Lily, whom was still on the dance floor with her date, looked at him with a glare of cockiness. She stepped on his foot, feigning it to be her bad dancing skills, then need him as hard as possible where the sun doesn't shine.

    "I knew how late I was when I got to your manor. Apparently your clocks were wrong, because you didn't scold me. We were an hour late for the party. Where is the reward you promised me?"

    The man, in pain, took out his wallet and wrote an amount on a check. Handing it to her, he said something about her never getting a share of his company or some other rich-people talk, and in the memo line of the check he said "Just to get rid of this bitch!" Lily took it, and gave a wink to Johnny before walking off to Marshmallow and riding off.


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