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    Grim Dawn: Proprietor of Sin


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    Grim Dawn: Proprietor of Sin Empty Grim Dawn: Proprietor of Sin

    Post by Arianna on August 10th 2016, 1:54 am

    Grim Dawn: Proprietor of Sin WdNiLdzm

    Name: (Grim Dawn Monster Form) “Azazel” The Proprietor of Sin
    Rank: Guild Spell Boon
    Species: Undead / Demon / Dragon
    Type: Alternate Form / Combat.
    Description: With the call of the Grim Dawn, an intense heat flares up inside her body, almost to the point of pain. Her body quickly begins to undergo  drastic changes.  Arianna’s guild  mark lights up, shining through her clothes  as her skin begins to seemingly bubble.  Her body grows quickly as her skin darkens in tone, appearing more like ash  than actual flesh. By the time she has finished growing, her body has been remolded, standing at nearly forty feet tall, covered in ash grey scales with numerous spikes and barbs standing out from her new form.
    200% Buff Allocations

    +100% Damage
    +20% Dmg Reduction

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