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    The Blooddrive is a good deal!


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    The Blooddrive is a good deal! Empty The Blooddrive is a good deal!

    Post by Blackthorne 9th August 2016, 3:27 pm

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    Milly is a large proponent of, not only giving out the best deals possible, but also helping the community as a whole.  Milly could be seen waving to everyone that knows him from television with cameras following him and lights flashing upon him.  It seems the media followed him to a clinic to where the Rose Garden's Blood Drive was being held.  Before entering the clinic, Milly was approached by one of the reporters; one guy that shoved a microphone in Milly's face.  In order for him to keep his image squeeky clean, Milly simply plays along.

    "Milly!  It seems you have showed up to a Blood Drive.  People think all you want is money, so why are you here?" the reporter asked.  This caused a blood vessel in his forehead to start pounding a little bit.  Hiding his frustration from the camera, he turned to look towards the camera with a response.  

    "Well, as I like giving you all spectacular deals on television, I'm also willing to give back to the community that has been loyal patrons to my company.  It isn't about giving you all great deals or making money on-air, I want to make a difference in the world.  I have a very rare blood-type, so I find it as my responsibility as a human being on Fiore to provide the world with my life-saving blood," Milly stated to the camera.  "Now if you'll excuse me," he said with a nod before cameras continued to flash and questions peaked.  All of the noise, however, ceased the moment Milly entered the building that the blood drive was to be held in.

    Loud clapping and fanfare could be heard from inside.  Milly showed up to every blood drive they had for the past 3 or 4 years after discovering how rare his blood type was.  He wasn't an evil person and knowing that he had something that would really actually help the people would, not only improve his image thus bringing in more customers, but it also does the world some good.  Expecting his arrival, the staff cleared off a chair specifically tailored to Milly.  The chair was plush and extremely comfortable with a television mounted on a swivel just to make sure Milly's experience was of the utmost comfort.  

    Sitting in the chair, the staff began to go to work on attempting to take his blood.  "Thank you, once again, Milly Bays, sir for coming in.  You don't know how much the country appreciates your donation," one of the staff members said, followed by a nod from Milly before they poked him with a needle and began to take blood from him.  All the while, Milly simply watched television, only for his arch nemesis; Once Viffer to show up on the screen.  

    Milly's face started to turn red and the amount of blood he gave increased due to his increased heart rate.  And then he passed out.  Moments later, Milly woke up to see some cartoons on the television.  Perhaps he imagined the entire thing.  He already had tape on his arm with a cotton swab to encourage clotting.  

    "Thank you, Mr. Milly.  Seems there was  rough patch there," the staff member said before Milly nodded his head in response.  "Yes, I guess I was so comfortable that I fell asleep," he said before waving to the staff and walked out.

    After Milly left, one of the staff members bonked the other on the head.  "You idiot!  You put Once Viffer on the television!?  You KNOW how much he hates the guy.  Thankfully, he thought it was his imagination.  Idiot!"

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