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    Taster Taster (Job)


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    Taster Taster (Job) Empty Taster Taster (Job)

    Post by Uryu 8th August 2016, 3:08 pm

    "Are... You serious right now?"

    There was a mild level of disbelief, but then again how couldn't there be. Uryu was not a member of a guild, nor was he a member of any sort of organization that handed out missions and requests to its member base. In these sorts of groups and gatherings, there were often briefings that would go into depth on exactly what it was the customer wanted for a specific mission. This one, however, seemed to be rather lacking in its details on paper, let alone what others could tell him about it. That was not to say that he normally had members of a guild tell him what was happening- Still, normally the people around the poster could say something. All people told him, upon grabbing the poster, was that the job would be a life or death situation.

    This was not a life or death situation.

    "Of course I'm being serious right now, how dare you ask such an idiotic question! I cannot serve this to customers until I know it is perfection."

    Uryu was in mild shock right now. Every nerve in his body screamed to slay the person before him, and yet he needed the money. He needed the people around here to speak of him in a positive light so that he could continue to take on missions. "Fine. Do I need to keep going while you adjust the flavors, or-" That must have been the most hilarious thing that man had heard in years as he burst into laughter. "Do not insult my wine. You shall try just one, tell me how perfect it is, and then go. Understood?" The man waved the envelope of jewel in his hand, and Uryu sighed. "Right..."

    Taking a quick swig, he put the glass down. "Tastes like shit. The store down the street has better flavors on clearance." The man did not anger- Instead he immediately collapsed into tears. During that, Uryu would grab his money and begin to leave.


    Glancing behind him, the man stood up, a glint in his eyes that was not there before. "I gave you the wine we were to throw out on purpose. It was a test you see- A test!" Blinking in disbelief at the sheer stupidity of the man before him, Uyru slowly turned to face him. "A test..?"

    "Of course, simpleton! Everyone always preaches about the perfection of my wine. I needed to make sure there was a distinction. Now that you've passed, I shall get the REAL wine."

    As the man scurried off, Uryu was tempted to leave. Still- This man had a lot of people who actually listened to him, for some reason. If nothing else, Uryu would at least finish the request. Scurrying back in, the old man offered Uryu an empty glass and poured some of a bottle into it. "Try it now!"

    Taking a quick swig, Uryu's face became thoughtful as he slowly placed the glass back down to the table. "Well!?" The old man asked impatiently, obviously expecting a specific answer. Clearing his throat, Uryu spoke clearly.

    "Even shittier than the original brew."

    Bursting into tears again, Uryu quickly made his way out of the store.

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