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    Amaia in: "The Hungry Wolf!" [private/social]


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    Amaia in: "The Hungry Wolf!" [private/social] Empty Amaia in: "The Hungry Wolf!" [private/social]

    Post by Amaia 3rd August 2016, 7:31 pm

    Amaia had just purchased a new book to add to her collection at home when she noticed a very troubled looking man dressed in a chefs attire. She approached curiously and asked the man what was wrong. "Hello. I couldn't help but notice that you seem to be quite upset. What ever is the matter good sir?"

    "Huh....oh....Hi...sorry kid, it's just that my restaurants in a bit of a pickle...you see, a new joint just opened up a couple of months ago...... and it's been getting popularity...well long story short... it ain't looking good for my business.... most of my workers were offered higher pay by the other restaurant.... so they quit....now I'm understaffed.... we still get faithful customers every once in awhile.... but it's not enough.... I may have to close down soon..." The man told his story with a heavy sigh and look of defeat in his eyes. Amaia felt sorry, at the same time she knew it was how the world worked. She reached up having to tip toe to pat the poor man on the head.

    "Well have you tried a different approach in advertising your restaurant? Perhaps try a new recipe of some sort? Judging by the competition you may want to allocate your assets to the weakest point of you business..... or perhaps further strengthen what makes your business popular... either way it seems that you need to do something fresh or new..." Amaia spoke with utmost clarity and grace. It left the man stunned and confused that such a little girl could speak in such a mature manner.

    "....Well...uh...I've tried...but it seems like it's over for me...." The man sighed. Amaia frowned and gave him a scowl, it made her cuter rather than threatening.

    "Nonsense! If there is a will, there is a way. What's your name sir?" Amaia said with a stern look on her face, stern..yet adorable.

    "The names Bob... I own Bob's burgers....whats you're name kid?" inquired the man still utterly confused by the child demeanor.

    "Amaia....come lets save that restaurant of yours." with that said Amaia accompanied Bob to his restaurant, there she and bob exchanged recipes and ideas. Eventually they came up with a delicious burger seasoned with various hers and spices. Amaia also helped make a new flavored tea and dessert for the menu. Amaia then stood out in front of the shop wearing an apron that was a bit too big for her. She then helped pass out free samples to reel in customers. Soon enough in a couple of hours people began to flock at the restaurant. It came to the point where Amaia had to help out in the kitchen, and lead the other chefs as rush hour came along.

    Eventually Amaia took a break and sat herself down at a table and watched as families and friends entered the restaurant. She was glad she stuck around to help out Bob. The truth was Amaia was very nervous, she wasn't sure if people would have like the recipes she made up. But seeing the abundant amount of people made her smile and put her heart at ease.

    "Kid I owe you one...come back anytime, everything will be on the house for you and your family.... I don't know how ya did it.... but thanks a bunch kid... you saved me and my wife's restaurant.... I don't know how I can ever replay you..." Bob said tearing up a bit. Amaia smiled sweetly.

    "I'm a Saber tooth mage... It's my job to help people out." Amaia said with a warm smile as she stood up on the chair to reach out and pat Bob on the head. Bob thanked her once again and rushed off back into the kitchen to deal with the wave of orders that recently came in with the mass of people that had just recently entered. "A job well don Amaia...a job well done." She said with a soft chuckle.


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    Amaia in: "The Hungry Wolf!" [private/social] Empty Re: Amaia in: "The Hungry Wolf!" [private/social]

    Post by Wolfe 4th August 2016, 9:04 am

    Wolfe once again found himself in the town of Magnolia. It was starting to become like a second home to him at this point. Somehow he always found himself here for one reason or another, and most of the time he was trying out some new food joint that had just opened up. He almost considered getting a third home here. He had his flat next to the Infinity Hydra guildhall, which was his main home. He also still had stake over the mansion that he had found on Black Rose's island. No one else knew about it, so he basically still owned it. The idea was interesting, but there was one good reason he could see himself not getting it...

    The weather here was always so sunny...

    Wolfe would never be able to deal with it. At both homes he had built Tesla-Coils and used them to create storms around his homes. He didn't think the citizens of Magnolia would be too happy with him if he were to do such a think here. Wolfe was letting his mind wander, he needed to focus and get back to the task at hand


    Wolfe was walking the streets, making his way down one, then the next as he was looking for a place to chill and get his grub on. However, nothing seemed to stand out to him. He had eaten at most of these place, be he was looking for something new. After a little bit he was starting to get tired of looking for a new place, and was about to just visit one of his normal places when he heard a commotion. He turned the corner to find a bunch of people walking in and out of a older burger joint that had been here for a while. Wolfe had never seen so many people here at once recently, and it struck him as odd. So he made his way over to the front of the burger joint and looked at the sign outside. It seemed he has made some new stuff and was trying to bring back some business. That was good for Bob. Wolfe had met him a few times when he had eaten here before. The food was pretty good, but after a while a burger joint was still a burger joint and people were always looking for the "new" thing.

    After a few seconds Wolfe figured what the hell, he liked the place and he didn't ind trying any of the new stuff. He made his way into the place and found a decent sized table and took a seat. He saw Bob hard at work over the stove in the back and when he looked out from behind the opening, Wolfe waved at him, and Bob waved back. A few moments later a waitress walked over and and Wolfe and her exchanged a few words before he picked up a menu and just started to point at random stuff. The waitress started jotting down stuff on her notepad, and after about two minutes of this Wolfe closed the menu and handed back to her. She smiled and nodded as she turned instantly getting a slightly worried expression on her face as she walked back to hand Bob the order. As per usual Wolfe waited for it and couldn't help bust smirk when he heard Bob from the back.
    "Ohh god.... I love that guy... but damn it if he doesn't kill me every time.." Bob did give a little laugh as he then buckled down and started telling people helping him in the back about the order that had just come in. The people back there were freaking out a little at the size of the order.

    Fifteen burgers, five sides of fries, and collection of other random sides was scribbled all over the note pad. Wolfe waited as he knew it would take a little bit for his food to come out.


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