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    Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe||Solo


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    Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe||Solo Empty Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 on 2nd August 2016, 4:39 pm

    Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe||Solo BGj480f
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    All dressed up in his usual clothes that he wears when breaking into places, skin tight pants, shirt and gloves. Along with lace up boots and his long green hair pulled back into a high ponytail, and some bobby pins and other clips holding his bangs out of his face. After getting all ready, he waiting until the clock struck twelve thirty, then he started to head towards the client's rival's restaurant. Making his way there through alleyways and back roads that weren't even lit by lanterns, the village lived up to it's name. Peace Village, it was just as he remembered it to be. He walked these streets many a times, considering he lived here in this very village from the point when he was around seven, til just recently. Which was when him and Astrid left to join Black Rose, for not being that much time for being here, a few months, perhaps a year. A lot of things have happened, now neither of them where in that guild, his sister in Golden Phoenix and himself. Well, he was just a dark guildless and homeless mage now, just wandering from place to place doing random jobs. Out of habit, he found himself back at the house of the Foss Family, he stood there for an uncertain amount of time before letting out a silent sigh and going back on track.
    Finally making his way to the nicely sized building that was made to serve food to the people of the village and the passersby. Sneaking around back, he made his way towards the back door, which was of course, locked. He pulled out a couple of his bobby pins, and he knelt down and started to pick at the lock. With a click, the door unlocked, as silent as he could be, he turned the golden painted knob and pushed open the door. Lucius peered to see if anybody was there for any reason, good for them and himself, nobody was. Opening it up just enough to get through, he closed it behind him, and made his way through the kitchen area. Finding himself placed in front of the door to the office of the rival, he had to yet again, pick the lock. The assassin did the same as he did earlier to get into the building, after completing this he walked in. Pushing the door closed, he then walked over and started searching through desk, pushing around papers and opening the drawers and searching them also. Plopping himself into the desk chair he let out a sigh, he searched the whole desk and filing cabinets, but he couldn't find it. After a good five minutes of sitting and thinking, he stood back up onto his feet, he walked over to a painting a took it off, nothing. He did this to one other painting before finding what he wanted, a safe behind a painting. Lucius gently set the picture on the ground, leaning up against the wall, before he started to study the safe. He put his ear up to the metal surface and he started to turn the knob, though he wasn't to experienced in doing this sort of thing, he still knew how. Though it took a good ten minutes, maybe? The safe was unlocked, pulling it towards him, he started to look around. Though it only took a few seconds for him to grab a box and see the recipes, finding the fudge one, he placed it in his pocket and put the box back in it's place. The young man closed the safe and locked it, then he put everything exactly where it was previously, once he saw that it was good he left the office. Locking it back up with his pins, he turned around and soundlessly walked back to the exit. Doing the same with this door, he left the building, once he did he let out a sigh, finally done. Now he just had to get this paper to William, get his payment, then get his ass out of this place. Being in Peace Village was bringing up to much memories he didn't want to really think about. The young assassin turned then broke out into a run, sneaking back to the meeting place that he agreed to with the chef. Standing at a picnic table was Chef William Dorvald, walking up behind him, soundless. He greeted the man with a 'hi', which freaked William out "Oh......It's you, you have it?" he asked, Lucius reached into his pocket and then handed him the recipe, Mr. Dorvald bluntly took it and started to read it rather eagerly. "Money, now" the teen said with a harsh and irritated tone. "Oh yes, of course" he handed him the money in a pouch. Yanking it from his hand he checked if it was enough, seeing that it was, he turned "Never speak of this" the chef said to him as he walked away "Now what would that be" Lucius said in reply, a slight chuckle afterwards.

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