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    Tag! Empty Tag!

    Post by Kirara 28th July 2016, 3:07 pm

    Kirara had recently been in Magnolia to purchase new clothing, but along the way she met a stranger and ultimately became an unofficial member of a wizard guild. Well, soon to be official. She had to first visit the guild master and go through a bunch of steps before being a finalized member. However, she wasn't ready to go there yet. She was still looking around Magnolia for new things. She had a few jewels to waste, and she wouldn't have to pay for housing anymore if she were to be allowed to become a member of the wizard guild, which would be great.She navigated her way around the bustling town of Magnolia, almost being gobbled up by the large groups of people passing by. She had lost sight of where she was going, so she ended up in an open area where there were lots of children, of various ages. Some of them were even her height. "Um, where am I?" She said to herself, placing one finger on her lip. "I guess I'll have to figure it out." She turned and was about to walk off until being tapped on the shoulder by a little girl. "Hey, wanna play tag with us?" Kirara had gotten an innocent yet sinister look on her face. She was still rather childish, so she was completely on board with playing tag "Hehe, sure." "Good," The little girl had tapped her again. 'Cause you're it!" The little girl giggled and ran off along with a bunch of other children. Kirara wanted a challenge, so she decided to chase after the bigger kids. She saw a boy that happened to be around her height, and she charged at him. He was surprisingly agile and avoided her, but as he ran, he grew tired, but Kirara was still full of energy, so she was able to tag him. "No fair!" Kirara snorted and ran away. He chased after her, but she turned a corner and avoided him. He began to chase after the other kids, and she stood in place, watching and making sure he couldnt see her. She liked to mix tag with hide and seek, as it gave her advantage. It would be harder for her to be tagged by someone if they can't find her to chase her. Hiding also gave her some time to catch her breath. She had grown tired of hiding, so she came out and began to shout. "BET YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!" The child who had been 'it' then came chasing after her. She jumped onto a few boxes and ended up on a roof. She blew a raspberry at the child who was soon on the roof with her. She began to hop from roof to roof, hoping to avoid the child, but ran herself to a dead end instead, as she had run out of roof. The child tried to run away from her after tagging her, but had slept and nearly fell off of teh building, but Kirara had caught him. "Be careful!" She brought him back to the other children and said goodbye.

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