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    Post by Dubhlainn on Tue 26 Jul - 14:37

    Name: Flash Bang
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Consumable Frag
    Description: The Flash Bang is something similar to a grenade, with a 5 second delay before detonation. Upon detonation the flash bang shocks an area around it, dulling hearing senses and flashing light into retinas. Can go as long as 1 or two posts at most. Dubhlainn carries 6 in total into combat, they can be in a form of an actual frag or a bullet.


    • Flashes everything in white, blinding targets, creating an window of opportunity to strike or to flee.
    • Dulls the sense of hearing, causing eardrums to ring, unable to receive sound for a few seconds.
    • Good weapon to avoid attacks.


    • Dubhlainn can only carry 6 of these into combat, these must be used sparingly.
    • If not careful, it can affect Dubhlainn or any of his allies.
    • It has a 5 second delay and a few seconds of effect upon detonation, timing it along with attacks is crucial
    • They do not deal damage, probably will burn into the retinas if one is a victim of it 6 times. consult a doctor.

    Name: Frag Grenade
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Consumable Frag
    Description: The grenade is a traditional explosive used for war and skirmishes, it has a 5 second delay before detonation and Dubhlainn may carry 8 of these into combat. Frag Grenades automatically deal spell damage equivalent to 1 rank lower than Dubhlainn's if direct hit, since its an Aoe type of consumable, the minimum damage one would receive is half.


    • Good hand held explosive for skirmishing
    • Can be thrown or launched by the right weapon
    • Deals damage to a large group of targets


    • Dubhlainn can only carry 8 of these into combat, these must be used sparingly.
    • Grenades can be thrown back at Dubhlainn if by chance they were thrown early.
    • Grenades have a 5 second delay, timing is important
    • When the pin is removed, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.

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