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    Job for the Opposites! (Muu x Anubis)


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    Job for the Opposites! (Muu x Anubis) Empty Job for the Opposites! (Muu x Anubis)

    Post by Muu on 25th July 2016, 11:30 am

    OOC #1: Major WIP Post

    OOC #2:

    Job Taken:  This Epic One!
    Takers:  Muu and Anubis
    Total Words:  >= 4,000 (>= 2,000 each/>= 200 each)
    Job Description:

    A gigantic shipment of Lacrima that was supposed to reach Era days ago has been stolen by an organization calling themselves.  "The Cartel", your client was one of the victims of this assault and describes them as brutal warriors, with both skill and determination.  They do not quit, and will chase you if you flee.  They will let you live, if you give them what they want.  Otherwise, they are completely ruthless.  They beset them on their journey through a nearby area, and retreated into the Desert upon accomplishing their goal.  You set out from whichever town you accept this mission from and head there immediately.  They wear white turbans that cover their head and mouths completely, are draped in all black desert robes, with white boots; which are quite dusty no doubt.  The Cartel's HQ is built inside of the old ruins of a once great city; you can spot the ruins of the ancient city from a mile off, and see the white and black turban outfits of the Cartel from a distance.  Although they may spot you as well at this distance.




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