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    Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 2)

    Merlin Ambrosius
    Merlin Ambrosius

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    Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 2) Empty Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 2)

    Post by Merlin Ambrosius 25th July 2016, 5:20 am

    Blackbeard was amazed by the sight of how the strange machine works, Mejai drew a cup, and filled it with the wine made from the machine powered lacrima and took a sip, then handed the cup over to Blackbeard to give him a taste of the results.

    “T-this is..” He couldn’t believe it, for when a process of making wine would have taken years, the machine made it possible to make good wine in a matter of moments, truly fascinating indeed, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

    “Indeed my good friend, the best part is that there are no side effects and it has undergone chemical testing thrice, it’s guaranteed to make the Garan no Dou distillery a smashing hit!” Merlin turned off the machine and exited the secret compartment.

    “Now then Mr. Blackbeard, I think you know what to do from here! I’ll have Kyrie help you with advertisement.” Merlin, Kyrie and Black beard exited the cellar and headed upstairs, Kyrie remained while Merlin exited the bar.

    “Do take care of things from here BlackBeard, for who knows, you may consider this work as a part of you.” He chuckled and a few minutes afterwards he was gone.

    Kyrie would just stand up and smile right infront of him and summarized him with her method of advertisement. Simply posters and making a grand opening for it was the idea but the distillery needs to generate enough wine for such an event. BlackBeard returned to the cellar to fill all the large barrels with top quality wine while Kyrie made some arrangements and tidy up the place. A grand opening of the distillery, it was something worth looking forward to.

    When the huge barrels were filled up, Black Beard returned upstairs and to his surprise, the boxes and the littered pieces of furniture were all tidied up. There was a stack of paper on the bar table, they were advertisement posters ready-made to hang up on a few sites for it.

    “I already had the printing press advertise the place but I prefer we do various methods to grab the attention of consumers” said kyrie, as she handed BlackBeard a stack of advertisement posters

    “Hah, much like rallying a crew for a ship! I’ve done this during the early days as a seafarer!” BlackBeard laughed as he gladly headed outside, waiting for Kyrie to lock up the place first before they shot off into the city.

    The advertisement posters were all in place and they made sure they advertised in every corner of the city or perhaps in places where people could have noticed them. They arrived back afterwards, Kyrie had to remain to ensure the success of the establishment as well as to evaluate and record the progress of the distillery’s first day.

    A few men came in and tried out the wine; to their surprise it was amazingly good! Soon word spread about the distillery’s wine, it even captured the attention of the nobles living in the Rose Garden City.

    Success tastes sweeter than wine.


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    Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 2) Merry_10

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