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    Earth God Slayer Magic



    Re: Earth God Slayer Magic

    Post by Guest on Sun 7 May - 19:41

    Unlocked at user's request.


    Re: Earth God Slayer Magic

    Post by Guest on Tue 9 May - 14:09

    Godlike Frederik
    The Forsaken

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    Re: Earth God Slayer Magic

    Post by Godlike Frederik on Wed 5 Jul - 13:52


    Primary Magic: Earth God Slayer
    Secondary Magic: Light Dragon Slayer
    Type: Caster/Lost


    Mashyuu died. In a climactic battle with a cult of Demon worshiping Wizards, Mashyuu was struck down as the final sacrifice needed to bring the Demon to life. What the cult didn't realize was that the demon was in fact, a God, one who ruled over earth itself. Using the most preserved corpse to walk again the God inhabited Mashyuu's body and gave the Wizard life. Rising from the dead Mashyuu found that he could create earth out of thin air and the world around him was something he could chose to rule or harmonize with.

    Allowing this God's power to flow through him, Mashyuu uses this new magic in a similar fashion he used his dragon magic. The Wizard focuses on Defensive Magic first and Offensive second, while using some of his magical power to keep rapid movement and support spells in his back pocket for a quick trick.

    -Geokinesis- Connected to the earth in all ways, Mashyuu can control the ground around him with a telepathic link, this allows him to move earth in simple manners in non combat situations.

    -Offensive- Mashyuu's offensive spells can move, making it easy to craft things like gauntlets to strike with.

    -Defensive- All of Mashyuu's defensive spells can be moved with a simple mental command, making him mobile.

    -Encumbering- While the magic is great for defense if used to form armor (The way Mashyuu tends to use it.) It can slow down the wearer a great deal, causing someone who is extremely fast to move at a very noticeable lowered pace.

    -Erosive- Powerful winds and water can erode the spells effects greatly, causing the earth spells to weaken or even break under the pressure of the magic.

    -Water Magic- Water Magic almost always cuts down the duration of Mashyuu's spells or lessens the amount of damage the spells deal every time they come into contact with magical water.
    -All around- Many of Mashyuu's spells target areas around him, making it near impossible for him to not target an ally in the radius of his spells effects.

    Aspect of Terra
    Description: Terra was a goddess whose domain was over the earth. Hailed as "Mother Earth" Terra's influence was a fairly broad one with two major highlights:  Earth, and Fertility. Terra's influence brings itself to bare within the host as an influence over the earth.
    Ability:  The aspect of Terra grants its host some of it's influence over ground and stone based magics. Their own earthen magic can only be consumed by god slayers. Earth magic costs 5% extra when targeting the host and they are 30% resistant to the element. The host can spend half of the magical energy a earth spell to nullify it(max S-rank).
    Gains a user-ranked Earth-based signature spell.  (S-rank Max)  It must be made in the magic app as normal in addition to spells made.

    Usage: Passive,  3 post cooldown on nullification. Can only be used three times per thread.

    Slayer Bonuses:
    General rule on slayers:

    All slayers receive the following:
    10% Buff to physical stats(strength, speed etc)
    10% Buff to senses(hearing, smell etc)
    The ability to enter force after consuming enough of the element
    The ability to consume their element to regain MP
    A resistance to their element shown by the following chart:
    2 ranks above: 0%
    1 rank above: 10%
    Same rank: 25%
    1 rank below: 30%
    2 ranks below: 50%
    ♦ God Slayers can eat any form of their own element, pure and mixed. However, they cannot consume the element of their Demon Slayer counterpart. The colour of God Slayer Magic is a darker version of the element's natural color and usually appears as a black version of whatever element they're using.
    ♦ The form of elemental magic they use is darkness, on one end of the magical spectrum. The element of darkness being mixed with the other elements to alter their properties slightly. The Heaven God Slayer uses a dark form of light that is beyond a Dragon Slayer's ability to consume. Deals double damage towards Holy, God, and Angel type non-human beings

    ♦ First Gen. God Slayers have learned the magic from the God of their respective element.
    ♦ God Force:
    A Slayer must consume at least 70% magical energy from his respective element in order to achieve Force, however, their total magical energy must equal to 150% or higher. In other words, the Slayer can still use magic, but if it does not equal to at least 150% magical energy after consuming 70% magical energy, they must consume an appropriate amount to reach it. If the Slayer can achieve this within the next 5 posts, Force is activated. If they cannot, the magical energy is rapidly consumed by the Slayer's body, causing any magical energy that was above their maximum to go down to the max. The Slayer can then try to do this again, if the opportunity is there.
    God Force highly increases the power of the God Slayer's magic, physical endurance, speed, and strength by 30% rather than 10%
    The spell power of each rank is increased to 150%.
    In God Force, the Slayer gains an aura of their element that engulfs their body. Physical attacks deal status effects from their respective element. ( Frostbite, Burn, Poison, etc. )
    During God Force the Slayer does not lose any mp from casting spells, but after it wears off is left with 5% mp.
    Lasts for 7 posts.

    @ tag ● # # # ● notes

    regrading and stuff


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    Re: Earth God Slayer Magic

    Post by Desirée Blooms on Sun 17 Dec - 1:47


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