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    Don't trust butterflies;; Job One-Shot

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Completed Don't trust butterflies;; Job One-Shot

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 22nd July 2016, 9:38 am

    What effect on your blood or whatever did alcohol actually have? She had never really thought about it before, what the substance did to one's body, brain and insides! However? Now she kind of wished that her little brain had considered what it could and would do to her own being, prior to taking that wine tasting task. It was really, really sad! Jiyu honestly had not even had that much of the wine, she didn't like the burn it caused on the sides of her still somewhat hoarse throat, considering she'd spent what people were telling her was two years yelling at her captors. Despite how little she had had? In the end, her light sensitivity, which tended to happen after you spent two years blind folded, it had been angered by the wine that she'd downed for that job, and now her head was pounding even in her darkened room! Damn it all, she had to get out of the Guild before someone like Marschal noticed she was hung over! Honestly? She doubted he'd appreciate his hard work rescuing her being put to waste by her getting drunk so soon after. She never asked for his help, Jiyu knew she would have escaped on her own! Kazehime also smiled fondly, rolling over and standing up from her bed, because she knew that thought was wrong, she wouldn't be alive right now in all likelihood if he hadn't come sweeping in when he did. While she wished she could have been saved sooner? In the end all that mattered was that she was safe right now, thought she still locked her door.

    Once Kazehime fumbled around and found the key to her room, she unlocked the heavy door, and spent a good three minutes pushing it all the way open, happy it's weight helped with closing it. Being so weak physically? Irked the mage incredibly, as it also prevented her for using her Wind Magic, and thus limited the things she could do. However Jiyu was just as determine to escape the Guild halls as she had been the day before, so after stumbling her way down to the job board, she just grabbed the first one she could find that didn't mention needing magic. Right now? She was not sure if her body could handle the force of her own wind abilities, and she wasn't exactly suicidal.

    It took her some time to find where they were holding the blood drive, a loose white t-shirt clothing her top instead of the normal bikini, her jean jacket still draped over it. Lately? She'd been made uncomfortable by people staring at her healing body, whispering, pointing, she looked like hell and knew it, kazehime didn't need a reminder. "Just pass this stuff out right?" she smirked slightly, pale pink lips stretching in that arcing shape as they handed her the juice boxes. Hopefully? Soon she'd be able to take harder tasks again, but for now she was content with passing out the juice boxes to people who had just donated blood, thought it was kind of insulting to know that thanks to her body condition she could not donate herself, would have been brownie points or something.

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