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    Anubis • Freya Bishop


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    Completed Anubis • Freya Bishop

    Post by Anubis on 20th July 2016, 11:19 am

    Anubis • Freya Bishop Zero10

    Human Name: Freya Bishop
    True Name: Anubis • Anu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 696
    Birthday: January 5th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: -

    Personality: Observing, calculating, hiding. Such are the actions that the Goddess of the Dead takes on a daily basis. Observing - the humans that she walks among now, calculating - the breaths remaining for every organism in sight and in what way she could lessen them, and hiding - to prevent anyone from recognizing and exposing her. Anubis fed on death, the decomposition of matter and corrosion of elements. Anything that dies satisfies her. When dealing with humans, she is rather arrogant, even appearing calm and wise even though truly, deep down, she is the most nefarious entity you would ever have come across in your life. Just a stare from Anubis will wither away any hope or positivity, an aura of gloom and death ever present with her.

    Her existence is a lie.

    Freya Bishop is an 18-ish year old appearing female whom the Goddess had taken under her possession, using her as a host to mingle with the humans with a form that looks like them. The same traits apply to this form as well. She is arrogant, usually mean to even strangers, calm and rather wise-looking. People would normally come to her to seek advice - people who dared to approach her, that is. In her guild, however, she makes sure that she is friends with everyone, so that she could leech off of them in her time of need. That is who she is. A lying, manipulative bitch. Four words that described Freya perfectly.

    In any sort of battle, Anu is a flawless and very well prepared fighter, having experience that is worth about seven hundred human years. The Goddess has plans over plans when it comes to combat. As mentioned earlier, she is always calculating, not only the breaths that each person has left until death, but also when she is fighting. She can easily outwit any ordinary opponent, even surpassing some high rankers who aren’t very much skilled, at least not as much as her. Anubis likes to hold back in battle sometimes, just to taunt and satisfy her enemies, since temporary satisfaction is what humans seem to enjoy, before she would unleash her wrath upon them - which in the end, results in their deaths. She does not prefer sparing their lives. She is the Goddess of Death, after all.

    Now you would wonder how she functions under a leader. She doesn’t. A ‘leader’ does not exist to her. Especially if they are human. As a Goddess, there is no reason for Anubis to work under a human, but to make sure that no one realises whom she hides under the mask that is Freya, she would do anything, and that means she is currently pretending to be a follower. When taking the role of a leader, however, Anubis would most likely be labeled the worst. She may be calm and collected most of the time, but once she is pressured, she will explode and that is not how leaders would normally be like. Impatient, not giving a fuck, and burning down everything should give a clear image of Anubis as a leader. This is because she is an independent being, with a sole objective.

    Beauty - Beauty in all things, and not just her mirror. The Goddess admires all that is beautiful including components of the Earth such as flowers.
    Chaos - Calamity, pandemonium, disaster - to the humans. Anubis is all about wreaking havoc, but only in her true form will she allow this side of her to show.
    The Night - As the saying goes, ‘the night is full of terrors,’ Anubis is one among these terrors.

    Hindrance - What does Anubis do to anything that’s hindering her? Annihilate it, which is why you should be wary around her.
    Pests - Anubis will never understand how humans are able to share space with these irksome little creatures.
    Dust - Another physical fear. One of the reasons she wouldn’t enjoy going to the desert or places as such.

    Single Objective - Anubis thrives to carry out her duty as the Goddess of Death. Her responsibility is to take souls from the living world to the afterlife, even if she may be enjoying it a little too much.
    Wrath Upon Humanity - One day, she would bring chaos to the humans’ world, and that day would be her last day in it.
    Reward - You would only expect a prize of some sort after carrying out a duty that you did not ask for, a reward for her work in the span of her existence.

    Aging - A Goddess does not age. However, humans do, which had instilled a fear in her mind of aging since her host is a human.
    Punishment - There is always a higher power, and in her case, it is the universe. For her wrongdoings, she is slightly afraid she will receive punishment.
    Mortality - Even though this isn’t an appropriate word to describe what Freya will become of. A more appropriate word would be nonexistence. It is only natural for a goddess like her to fear this.


    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Hair: Pastel Violet // White
    Eyes: Purple // Rose
    Skin Tone: Porcelain
    Human Form:
    Anubis • Freya Bishop 6lQcRYa
    True Form:
    Only immortal beings can see her in this form. No one else is allowed to see this side of her unless granted permission by the goddess herself.

    Anubis • Freya Bishop IN96ZBz


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    Completed Re: Anubis • Freya Bishop

    Post by Guest on 20th July 2016, 11:24 am

    Anubis • Freya Bishop AESz729

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