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    Rose Garden Blood Drive! (Job)


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    Rose Garden Blood Drive! (Job) Empty Rose Garden Blood Drive! (Job)

    Post by Lilim 19th July 2016, 12:31 pm

    Arriving in Rose Garden, The celebratory air, the Lacrima lights, everything around me is inviting, jolly, happy! On my prolonged walk to the local hospital, The people I notice are drinking glowing juices, living their lives. I myself salute them, happiness is a treasure, and should be spread to everyone. Sometime later, near evening, I reach the gate. "Finally!" I near screech in exulatation, reaching the hospital in far less time than is what is considered "average." "Excuse me!"cries a guardsman, halting me at the gate. "I am Sir Reginald, an I am a soldier assigned to this position from the Rune Knights, and I need to see identification before you move forth with the rest of the throng. If I may, perchance see your guild insignia, I will let you pass." I immediately blush, and stutter "I am sorry, sir, but I cannot let you see it." I feel like  disappearing into the floor, at this point, not bothering to hide my face. I start shaking, and kept stuttering "It's not in a place I normally let people see." Ugh, I feel like screaming! Surprisingly, he nodded in understanding! "It's fine, Milady, just show me your pass, and I shall let you go." Thank god! I pulled out my passport, handed my passport to him, still beet-red, I might add, waited, and was finally allowed through. I continued my journey, up a winding path to the hospital, and at the door, I was greeted by one of the nurses, with a list in-hand. "Name miss?" she asked in a polite tone, not bothering to look at me "Aera Tylidae" I mutter solemnly, hoping to just get through this administrative purgatory, so I can do what I came here to do, and feel better. "Alright then, pass through those doors on your right, and start helping people who've already had their blood drawn to the dining hall, and you're also too..." I already know, they sent out letters to the guilds days ago, and I wanted to go alone, so I figured it out, and now I'm here. "Were you even listening miss?" She inquired politely " I'm fine, I just already had known what we're to do here, and I'm really anxious to get started..." "I feel like a know-it-all, honestly, and I'm really just trying to get through this purgatorial stage." I droned in my head "All right, go on in, and get to it then!" and she waves me forward, and I pass her without a second thought. The rest of that evening, I helped those going to the dining hall, "nearly half of the people I helped fainted!" Those who didn't thanked me for my efforts, then I entertained the children, first (I had to make a Creation field!) I made them crystalline flowers, and when they grew bored, and then made little sprites dance across the garden (that I made!) and lastly, I showed them a life I knew only from a friend, on a massive stone wall. Like a living cave painting, I showed them a life where the it went happily for many years, growing up, meeting your best friends, meeting your first boyfriend, and then it went thoughtful, break ups, injuries, work, then it switched back to being happy, getting married, having kids, and then the images slowed, till they no longer moved. I must say for my benefit, the kids were thoroughly enraptured by my handy spell work! "Whoa!", (s) and cries of "I want to see more!" echoed on the walls, and I just laughed happily, but I had to keep working, so I said goodbye to the all but unwilling children, and the rest of the night, I spent serving food and drink, being thanked by all the parents for watching their kids, until they called for the end of the evening, which I helped out by helping those who were still unsteady walk out the door, and when everyone had left, I went to walk out the door, I was greeted by the nurse at the door "Thank you for today, It was really nice seeing what you did for all of those people." I nodded my head, shakily, and smiled as I walked back out of the gates, smiling all the way down the lane heading back home.

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