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    BABY STEPS ▲ Private, Job


    BABY STEPS ▲ Private, Job Empty BABY STEPS ▲ Private, Job

    Post by Guest Tue 19 Jul 2016 - 20:15

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    “Come on, you can do it!” Astrid cheered towards the struggling toddler, clapping her hands together to make sure it kept his attention. The toddler wobbled on his short, stumpy legs, leaning a hand against the smooth side of the table beside him.
    It had been two hours now since she had started the job, and she knew she was getting closer to her end goal. When she first started he couldn’t even stand, however, with her cheering he had seemed to get better with each passing minute. Motivation seemed to be they key.
    Kneeling down on the floor she clapping continued, blue gaze turning from the infant towards the clock mounted upon the wall above him. It was 10:30am… That gave her another hour and a half to help him get better at walking before his parents got home.
    Hearing a dull thump the musician flickered her gaze back down to the source, watching as the toddler fall upon his backside. He gave a gurgle before letting out a giggle, slapping his hands down on the solid ground below him.
    Staring for a moment Astrid gave him a smile, applauding his efforts with a few more claps before her hands clasped together.
    “Good job, Timmy. That was longer this time. But this time, let’s go for even longer~”

    Toddlers loved anything glowing and shining, a thing most people would know from either being around children or remembering their childhood themselves. The children in the hospital all loved her magic, their eyes widening as the light formed into familiar shapes and became alive as they jumped and twirled around the room with the sound of her violin. This had given Astrid an idea.
    The violinist figured if she were to give him even more motivation, maybe he could stay up for longer.

    A small, golden glowing puppy barked at Timmy, wagging its tail in the air as it stood in a playful state in front of him. The toddler’s eyes widened as he let out happy gurgling sounds, his features ecstatic as he looked down to the light-made animal. A little behind the boy, Astrid stood straight, running her bow across the strings of her violin to pay a light, cheerful melody for the child and his companion.
    As the dog began to bark and run around playfully, Timmy would laugh and follow. If he fell, he got right back up to his feet to begin chasing him again.
    This was starting to be much more effective than just sitting and clapping, waiting for him to come to her. The song would speed up every so often, causing the dog to become a little more faster. However she would never go too fast, to avoid the dog knocking him or anything in the room over.
    Timmy flailed his arms up and down as the dog spun around him. He was standing! All without the support of the table! She had done it.
    The musician smiled, looking back up to the clock upon the wall.
    11:59… Just in time.

    The sound of the front door unlocking caught Astrid’s attention.
    His parents were home.
    Time to show them what he could do now.
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