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    Burning the wait (solo job)


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    Burning the wait (solo job) Empty Burning the wait (solo job)

    Post by Chelvaric 19th July 2016, 4:55 am

    The Open grasslands around rose garden were smothered with the smell of wet grass. As a lonely cart was riding down the Main coble road towards Rose garden. The rain was pouring down from the heavens like little angels were having a lavatory meeting. It was going with a slow and steady pace. The cart was decorated with curtains on the windows and the wood was carved out with little angels. It was a luxury cart. Chelvaric was tired from the travel to Fiore and he paid a bit more to have a nice relaxing ride. When they arrived at Rosen garden early in the morning he grumbled as he was having a nice sleep. He was waked from voices outside. He opened the door and looked into the morning sun. it was so blinding. He sighed and pulled his hood over his head before jumping out of the wagon. “Thx for the ride buddy.”, he said and threw a coin to the man before he started to walk off to rose garden.

    Chelvaric walked into rose garden. The city was still lying dormant in the early morning. Birds were chirping and the sound of bakers making bread and the mail men walking around were the only ones that were heard. He sighed as he was here for a rather annoying business. He had to get a passport to be able to travel to other countrys then fiore. He didn’t why tough he wasn’t even from fiore. But ah well he couldn’t smuggle himself out of the country all the time. He could then just take a normal train and not a box In a cart. He bumped into a guy when walking around a corner and he scolded at him. Bloody peasant walking in my way. He saw the passport office but it was so busy. While the other part of the city was all quite here it was filled with noise and people. He walked behind the first person and waited to move forward. He sighed and was so bored all the way. People were nagging and being annoying all the way. It was finaly his turn and he laid his fake blue Pegasus papers on the counter. “hmm  are you sure you a bp mage. Show me your tattoo good sir.”, the officer said with a mean look in his eyes. Chelvaric showed his hand with the fake tattoo and after a super long glare of the police men he took his stamp and pressed it on the paper. He then looked a while at chelvaric before giving it to him. Chelvaric just grumped and snatched it out of his hand before he went on the road. He finaly had the stupid passport and could continue his normal way of life. He jumped in to a alley following some random guy. When they reached the end he pushed the guys head against the wall and lightend the body on fire before walking away. Atleast he vented his frustrations out before he was going back home.



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