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    Harbinger of Death

    Harbinger of Death

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    ILac (solol Empty ILac (solol

    Post by Vlad on 16th July 2016, 10:05 am

    The Neutral grounds; a place where all those who wished to find non magical items would adventure towards. It was a city that was devoid of magic, which was very uncommon. Seeing as how there is ethernano always present in the armosphere, or thete should be. This place was a very strange occurance, but it allowed for a convenient place for those without magic to rest. While it was devoid of magic, that does not mean that this city was free of any danger. People still had weapons, and it may be assumed that they were even more skilled with these weapons than mages were. With mages using magic for such a large amount of their combat, who would suspect otherwise? This is where we find Vlad, our protagonist.

    Letting out a light sigh it was apparent that Vlad was getting hungry, and could use a pit stop. Well, he would rather finish this errand first. This city was built in a very convenient manner, and Vlad enjoyed it. Being able to navigate around the city without any disturbance, or trouble. What a refreshing experience. While being without magic was an odd experience he did not mind. Sure, it felt very odd being unable to do any of his tricks, but that is the price you pay for visiting this city.

    After walking for no more than ten minutes Vlad finally approached the warehouse. Walking inside he was able to find the female who had promised him this ILac quite easily. Upon accepting, and thanking the young lady, the ILac he left the warehouse. Now, it was time to live up to his newely appointed title. The Coming Storms, some of the most feared mages in Fiore; they were second only to the Sinners.

    Now, exiting the warehouse, he instantly spotted his prey. The male was not much older than himself, twenty three perhaps; the male looked rather weak, but that mattered not. All that mattered was his meal. Following the man,  never getting within ten meters, he was able to locate his house. It was rather small, and did not give off much of a presence. This place fit the man perfectly. It was average, not something anyone would notice. Very dull.

    Watching the man enter Vlad took note of the mans address and continued walking by, as though he was simply passing. He had decided to strike at night, have a bit of fun with the male. He would create a piece of artwork, this man would be the resources for his little project. He would not go as far as to call what he wanted to do a masterpiece, no. That would take more effort, more bodies, more time.

    A few hours have passed since Vlad had left the man to his own devices. Enter Vlad, picking the lock to the door, creeping up to the bedroom. Now, towering over the male, he ran the blade across the mans cheek. This was going to be messy. As the man awoke all he would feel was the blade running across his throat, he wouldnt speak. His pulse raced, the man was panicked. As his hesrt beat faster he merely bled out faster. Hyperventilating the man took his last breath. It was over.

    While his original goal was a meal, however, he had decided a viscerai image was necessary. While the beginning was the same every time the ends were always slightlt different. Slicing the mans arms open he would cut the tendons; hoisting the body up he would use tie these tendons to rafters. Now, with the body hanging there, he would slice the mans abdominal cavity open and leave the room. He was finished with this city. For now.

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