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    My little niece

    Merlin Ambrosius
    Merlin Ambrosius

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    My little niece Empty My little niece

    Post by Merlin Ambrosius on 16th July 2016, 7:48 am

    My little niece GBlUaUo

    I remember when you were so little...

    Little one..

    Your father entrusted you to me....

    Little one...

    You will grow one day, standing tall and proud

    With a pride of the lion, with a soul of the dragon

    Little one...

    And when you were lost in the forest of darkness and shade, I found you

    I guided you into the warm embrace of my arms and I was called your hero, your teacher...

    Little one...

    You became so strong, confident who lead her knights to the light, father's little angel

    Little one...

    In case that the world seemed to hate you, I want you to remember one thing

    Little one... you can find home in me.


    [16:54:16]Dubhlainn : What does the name Hikaru mean?
    [16:54:27]Eclipse Valerie : Hikari means light o-o
    [16:55:04]Eclipse Valerie : I think Hikaru is like the male form of it? maybe..
    [16:55:34]Dubhlainn : So does that mean Hikaru is a transgender?
    [16:56:04]Eclipse Valerie : uhm o-o
    [16:56:08]Joan Blackheart : Lmao.
    [16:56:53] Merlin Ambrosius : 10 out of 10 would still bang.

    My little niece Merry_10

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