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    The Caged One


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    The Caged One Empty The Caged One

    Post by HyperionX on Fri 15 Jul 2016 - 4:51

    Name: The Caged One
    Rank: Strong
    Species: Owl Human Hybrid
    Type: Combat Pet
    The Caged One 81ze9h10



    Name: Insatiable
    Rank: Scales with Karina's rank, until S-rank where it caps
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 post
    The Caged one is never fed anything anymore. Back when Alliez ruled over the Lighthouse bay he would receive the bones of those party members who were beginning to break free of his hold. Karina however is trying to get into the magic council, she didn't need to add genocide to that list of things. Regardless, because of how insatiable he is, he attempts to eat certain things, such as attacks against Karina. This is treated as a sort of shield due to his incredibly sturdy body and jaws, and allows him to block attacks.
    At D rank = 2 D-Rank attacks/1 C-rank Attack
    At C rank = 2 C-Rank Attacks/1 B-Rank Attack
    At B Rank = 2 B-Rank attacks/1 A-Rank Attack
    At A Rank = 2 A-Rank Attacks/1 S-Rank Attack
    At S Rank = 2 S-Rank Attacks/1 H-Rank Attack

    *Allows for Karina to Defend herself utilizing her pet

    * If The Caged one has been fed a sufficient amount for that day, he will not desire to use this ability, and thus will not.
    * He cannot "eat" physical attacks coming from people bodies, as he dislikes the taste of human only liking the flavour of their bones.

    Blistering Presence:

    Name: Blistering Presence
    Rank: Scales with 1 below Karina's rank, until A-rank where it caps
    Duration: 4 turns
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    The Caged one causes a blistering storm of negative emotions to manifest around him. Empowered by the presence of Karina, the storm will cause opponents to have reduced damage, as their resolve will be weakened via the storm bringing up their most embarrassing and worst memories. The effect will reduce their damage towards Karina by 25%. This effect is doubled when facing opponents of lower rank (per rank), and halved when facing opponents of higher rank (per rank).


    *  Allows for Karina to further reduce damage headed towards her.

    * Long Cooldown
    * The ability becomes useless if the opponent has something that stops debuffs.


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    The Caged One Empty Re: The Caged One

    Post by Yuu Blitzkrieg on Fri 15 Jul 2016 - 21:26

    Alright, two things first. First of all, as this is a strong pet, it can only have 1 ability that scales to B-rank and 1 ability that scales to C-rank. If you want an S-rank and an A-rank, then you need to upgrade this to an artifact pet.

    Secondly, you need to link your proof of purchase for the pet somewhere in the application before I can officially start grading.

    Please bump when finished


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