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    Wine Testing ▲ Private, Job


    Wine Testing ▲ Private, Job Empty Wine Testing ▲ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 13th July 2016, 10:09 am

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    She had taken two jobs today, each one due to be done right after the other. First wine testing, then tag. It seemed as though she had taken some of the more easier jobs recently, but with her stamina feeling quite low these days she had decided to pace herself and take it easy for a while. Maybe she’d take on a bigger job in the near future when she felt more comfortable with her physical performance, maybe even taking on one with a partner just so it’d take a little stress off of her. But for now small jobs would have to do.
    Astrid took a small sip from the glass, allowing the strange flavor to run its course on her tastebuds. She had never really tasted any kind of alcohol before, having no desire to suffer the aftereffects of it. But when offered a free food coupon which would allow for everything to be free when she next visited for testing wine... she figured she would make an exception for it. It was just wine after all, it was probably one of the least alcoholic alcohols out there.
    “So?” The restaurant's owner question, standing in front of the mage as he watched her expression shift and change with every nod of her head, holding his hands together as he tried to figure out what she thought about his wine with pure expression alone.

    “Hm… Though i’m no expert...” She started, taking away the tip of the glass from her lips. She swirled the dark red liquid as she sat upon the tall, cushioned chair in front of the restaurant's bar. She had never tasted wine before, but even she knew it was a little more sour than it ought to be. Not too bad, but whatever he put in it to give it that kind of flavor he should either water it out a little or put less in.
    “It’s not bad. However it needs a little more work.” The old man gave a toothless smile, shaking his head in agreement.

    “Ah yes, i understand. How so, if you mind me asking? I wish to improve it so it can be the best it could be.”
    The musician tilted her head to the side, lips pursing in thought.

    “Like i said before, i’m not an expert on this kind of thing at all. However whatever you’re putting in it is making it a little sour, may it be your grapes or something else. If it’s the grapes, try buying less soured grapes. If it’s something else trying putting less of it in or water it down a little.”

    The old man give more nods at her words before letting out an “ah”, reaching inside of his pockets and pulling out a single coupon, waddling slowly over and sliding it onto the bar table, giving her another smile. “Thank you so much, Miss Foss. If you want you can come back after a while with that and try out a better version of the wine.”
    Astrid’s blue gaze turned to the small paper, taking it into her hand.

    “Actually…” She smiled back, sliding back the coupon over to the man.
    “I think i’d like to use it now…” A rumble. Ah, that’s right. She hadn’t eaten much this morning since she wanted to get up early so she had time to do both jobs. And the smell of food inside the restaurant didn’t help.
    Giving a chuckle the old man slid the paper back over to himself.

    “If you want. One lunch coming right up.”

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