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    Blood Drive! (Job)


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    Blood Drive! (Job) Empty Blood Drive! (Job)

    Post by Elijah Tue 12 Jul 2016 - 20:15

    Job info:

    Something not on his schedule, but just for extra plus points, had made Elijah join as a volunteer at the blood drive in Rose Garden. This was supposed to increase his profile in the eyes of the magic council, something that the man needed, needed a lot. Like desperately, as he had been a dark mage before and doing everything to shake that off, was his goal now. Hoping that his volunteer work would give him a lot of good fame, so that his past would be forgotten. Thankfully a new look helped with that a lot, he missed his crimson hair a bit though.

    His new guild mark, had allowed the man to work easily at the blood drive, as Golden Phoenix was a legal guild. Well not a goody goody guild as he had understood at the start, but still on the legal side, so no killing and stuff. Which Elijah was fine with, as he rather not be a toady for the magic council or anything else. Kinda why he had chose Golden Phoenix, if anything he would earn jewels, that he needed to track down his dear older brother.

    A woman tripping in front of him, snapped Elijah out of his train of thought. Could say the train got to it's stop. Helping the older woman back onto her legs, the man pushed a cart with some food on it to the last room, where they kept people who had already given blood. They were allowed to rest there and eat, to say thank you for their efforts to donate blood to the cause. Nothing really special about this place or anything interesting for that matter, as absolutely nothing had happened. Well, one guy had tried to steal a bag of blood, but the security that had been hired put them down, so Elijah hadn't had a chance to use his magic to stop him. Maybe could have earned even more plus points for that. But oh well, that was now in the past.

    The man kept working and helping out the people donating blood for a few hours, until the place closed. When all of the patients were out, the volunteers helped clean the area as well, wipe up all the blood that had dripped down and clean up all the crumbs from the biscuits they donating people were served. This was all just really casual janitor work, really nothing exciting, so boring in fact, that Elijah had managed to doze off on his five minute break. This had caused a fellow volunteer to wake him up, telling him his break was over. This thought quite saddened Elijah, but yeah, he had to work if he wanted to improve his image.

    After an entire hour of cleaning and mopping, the job was done and the small clinic closed it's doors. Waiting for the next day to gather more blood for the sick of Fiore. It was a very noble cause and saved a lot of lives, but it just wasn't for Elijah, he was only here for one day and that day was now over.

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