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    Beach Party! (IH only event)


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    Beach Party! (IH only event) - Page 2 Empty Re: Beach Party! (IH only event)

    Post by DragonPantsu 16th August 2016, 3:37 pm


     It seemed this woman was rather excited by Haretsa’s analysis, as she was quick to respond and ask whether or not Haretsa was a Dragon Slayer. The red headed woman introduced herself as Ravana whilst an unfamiliar, white haired male approached and wrapped his arms around her from behind. Ravana also explained that she had been looking for a Dragon Slayer like Haretsa for quite some time now it seemed. Haretsa couldn’t help but wonder why exactly this woman would be searching for a Dragon Slayer. She wasn’t giving off any signs that would have connected her with that crazed Acnalogia cult from long ago, nor anything indicating she was connected with those nut jobs who had made Haretsa a Dragon Slayer through the implementation of lacrima’s; so what purpose could she have with trying to find one?

    ”Well, yes I am a Dragon Slayer, but I’m not just any old Dragon Slayer… Haretsa began, wondering how exactly to go about explaining who she was to this woman. After all, claiming to be a descendant of the King of Dragon’s would probably come across as absurd to a majority of people. Haretsa herself had a hard time believing the power she was now capable of wielding thanks to her training over the past few months. However, it seemed as though the cream haired young woman didn’t need to explain things verbally. The ocean waves began to swell violently and crash against the nearby rocks and sand as if a storm was brewing out to sea, yet the skies above remained clear as day. Haretsa curiously tilted her head past Ravana to witness a gargantuan beast rising out of the sea; eyes glowing a bright white with armor plating about it that looked like it could take one hell of a beating. While Ardere called for everyone to get to higher ground, Haretsa couldn’t help but grin as she watched the hulking beast slowly make its way towards the town. Watch closely, Ravana! I guess I’ll get to show you just what kind of Dragon Slayer I am!” Haretsa shouted in between the beasts bellowing, as the white haired man picked up Ravana and one of the other nearby mage’s and took off with them.

    ”A lot of these guy’s aren’t that experienced, judging by their magic signatures… I can’t go full power though. We’re way too close to the town for that. Still, looks like this thing will make a good test of my power on something that isn’t a dragon…” Haretsa thought, the grin on her face remaining as she stood her ground. The mark on her left arm began to glow with a midnight purple hue as it began to spread tribal marks across her entire arm; crossing her back just below the neck and down the full length of her right arm as well. The markings slightly resembled those that were found in most depictions of the legendary Black Dragon, but seemed to look more like violent flames. Jet black wings then sprouted forth from Haretsa’s back, flapping intensely to carry her into the skies whilst the white haired male from early struck the beast head on with a bolt of lightning. This managed to stagger the beast a bit, causing it to let out a roar of pain before attempting to strike back at the man until it heard something. A loud, challenging dragon’s roar echoed throughout the entire town of Cedar, causing the beast to turn its attention towards the source of said roar. ”Ya know, my fahdon’s are just trying to have a nice, relaxing day. Then your stupid ass has to come along and ruin the fun for them. As punishment…” Haretsa paused, gathering what appeared to be brilliant white flames with the slightest hint of a midnight purple hue to them into massive spheres about her fists. ”I SENTENCE YOU TO BE MY PUNCHING BAG!” The moment those words left her lips, Haretsa flapped her wings and rocketed towards the beast; nearing its chest as she readied both of her arms to strike.


    With these words, Haretsa rammed both spheres of magic into the beasts chest, the sound of several ships canons echoing throughout the surrounding area as they connected. She launched them from her arms upon impact and watched as they carried the beast back nearly sixty meters before erupting into a violent explosion; sending water flying everywhere and deafening the beasts cries of pain. When the explosions had cleared, the beast still stood, but now had two large dents in its armor that began slowly repairing themselves. "AND you can regenerate? Oh you are the best punching bag EVER!!" Haretsa exclaimed with joy, her fangs bared as she flew towards the beast once more; turning mid air to catch one of the creatures massive, scythe like claws as it swung at her. She kept a firm grip on the creatures arm; presenting an opportunity for someone else to take a swing at the sea creature.




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    Beach Party! (IH only event) - Page 2 Empty Re: Beach Party! (IH only event)

    Post by Vlad 26th August 2016, 3:12 pm

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    Cornelius was the name he went by while wearing this face; he enjoyed to name. It was something fun. It was... CORNELIUS! While he had been welcomed into the guild by a fella named Wolfe, who seemed to be the Ace of the guild, he was quickly told of this event. "Fun~!" He exclaimed, still trying to find the people. 

    God, how could people be so laid back? I mean, I do more than just sit at the beach and I'm "Evil." This seems like it will be a bit of work... needing to blend in and all... He though to himself, letting out a slight sigh. It was at that moment when he saw it... THE FUCKING SEA MONSTER.... AND THERE WAS SOME FUCKING PERSON WRESTLING IT!?!

    Vlad... no CORNELIUS... saw this as as a chance to shine and try out his newest toy. Wheel sprouted from his shoes, and smoke rose from his feet. Being thrown forward he was going at 675 MPH as he jumped into the air, spreading his feet forward. It was at this moment that his feet would connect with its chest. As he flew through the air he would give a thumbs up, and wink for all the ladies watching. With such speed, and coming from nowhere, he doubted the creature could dodge this. 

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