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    PASSPORT TIME!||Solo-Job||Nekros.


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    PASSPORT TIME!||Solo-Job||Nekros. Empty PASSPORT TIME!||Solo-Job||Nekros.

    Post by Nekros 11th July 2016, 11:38 am

    To Earthland and Beyond!:

    It was time. Time for what? IT’S PASSPORT TIME! Come and grab your friends to travel to very distant lands. With Nava and Jaeger the Human, the fun times will never end. It’s passport time! Oh the childish jingle was stuck in the mages head. An annoying little tune that didn’t have much in the way of lyrics, but it beat thinking about the destroyed city of Hargeon. The place that just kept getting crapped on by the world of magic. How many times did this make, 3 or 4 times that the city was destroyed? Almost pathetic, what happen to the local mages guild, did they just up and vanish before each attack? It was all very… depressing.

    So, what was the mage to do? Well, Jaeger filled his mind with child like jingles, Thoughts of pokemon, and made random comments to himself of the women he saw. The latter was rather saddening, all the women, even the men he noticed, were either scowling or had some sort of blank expression. Very few of these people had a happy outlook on life at the moment.Who could blame them, really? Their town was just destroyed for the upteenth time and here it is getting rebuilt. On the bright side, it was rather pleasant to see so many people working together. Disaster tended to bring those of differences together for a common purpose, survival.

    “You know, Nava, something like this makes me glad we don’t live in one spot. We got no… oh right… the guild. Hm… Once we’re done with this passport thing, wanna help them out with rebuilding?”

    Jaeger mentioned to Nava, the loving fluffy pet. The beast’s head turned from side to side, pondering on his owners question. After a moment of silence, Nava made a quick nod and some cute happy noise. The mage reached over and scratched his head with a smile. It was nice to be on the same page with the fella, especially when they didn’t speak the same language.

    Eventually, the duo made it to the building where passports were being given out. There was rubble and construction going on all over the place. Given the state of things, the people giving out passports had taken up shop in a merchant like stall. There wasn’t too many people around, mostly just workers. A sig on the stall read that it was only open for a few hours a day until construction on the city was done. It was likely cut short so they could help do their part in rebuilding.

    Jaeger waited in the short line. Normally, he imagined the passport building was very active and bustling with business. Thinking more on it, anyone coming to a destroyed town to get one may be a little off their rockers. Hargeon, while needing sales and to continue its commercial functions, needed more help and construction efforts. Anyone standing around is another person that could be put to work. The man shook these thoughts from his mind and stepped up for his pass port.

    “Hello! I would like two passports, one for Nava here and one for myself! We are of Sleeping Forest, Neutral guild!”

    The cute yet older woman looked at the man with an odd expression. Why would a pet need a passport? Just leave them at home, you fool! She shook her head and proceeded to stamp the papers and hand the mage the passports. Sure, Sleeping Forest was technically destroyed and disbanded, but she didnt need to worry about such trivialities. There was much more important work to be done.
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