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    Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 1)

    Merlin Ambrosius
    Merlin Ambrosius

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    Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 1) Empty Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 1)

    Post by Merlin Ambrosius 10th July 2016, 4:04 am

    Rose Garden was a city of lights and fancy, unlike some other cities such as Crocus and Magnolia, Rose Garden offers more than just the two cities combined. It was only today that the Old magus paid a visit to the new distillery which he bought and had hired Edward Teach, one of the new additions to Garan no Dou to tend to this new establishment. Ingredients and the necessary arrangements were already being settled and when everything was ready, the distillery would open its doors to incoming customers.

    The Old magus headed towards the distillery casually to say hello to Edward. “Hey, hey! How’s it going Edward? Are we doing well?” He grinned as he made himself at home, Edward was still unpacking boxes containing bottles and wine glasses in order to set up the bar.

    “Well I’m thankful that you’ve given me a chance to do this and it’s a great start, at least until I can afford my own ship and my crew!” Edward stood up proudly as he polished a wine glass.

    “Indeed so! This I promise you, when you worked hard enough I’ll let you take on your own adventure, that’s part of the deal but for now this distillery to have a good income and I expect the top quality wine produced and made!” Merlin grabbed a box and helped Edward unpack the wine glasses.

    “Wait, how are we to produce wine when it requires it to be fermented? It will take years to make top quality wine.”

    “That’s not a problem, which is why I have come here today to give you a good magical device that increases the age of good wine.” Kyrie, Merlin’s assistant came in with a huge box, pushed and mounted on a stroll. Edward’s eyebrow raised, wondering what this device may look like.

    “Oh it came so soon! Nice work Kyrie!” Merlin pet her on the head as he motioned Black Beard to come over.

    “The Model, Ambrosian maker is ready for use, I already installed the lacrima before ever having to come here” Kyrie said as she smiled, having given praise for her punctuality.

    “Model… Ambrosian maker?” Black beard finds the device quite unusual, it almost looks like some kind of filtration device.

    “You see Black Beard, it’s a kind of machine that allows you to age wine by pouring it in and out, come let’s install it first, and then I’ll give you a demonstration.” Black beard carried the box down to the basement where it’s supposed to be. Beneath the distillery is a secret room where the device is supposed to be placed. At least now it solves one mystery why a secret compartment was built.

    “There are two way for this machine to generate good quality wine! By either pouring it down to the machine to filter it, here a demonstration if you will” Kyrie attaches a small tube, connecting the machine and the wine barrel. Wine is drawn into the machine and the magic happens.


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    Wine Testing: Garan no Dou's extended business. (Part 1) Merry_10

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