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    Breaking and Exiting: Thwart Their Evil Plans!


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    Breaking and Exiting: Thwart Their Evil Plans! Empty Breaking and Exiting: Thwart Their Evil Plans!

    Post by Moekidu 9th July 2016, 10:18 am

    Justicia Lorelei

    Last of the Knights of Lorelei

    There was nothing much to do in Magnolia, other than sneaking around and seeing how other people work at the marketplace. Justicia, as a matter of fact, enjoyed her usual visits, as she sees something new in the city every day. She went into a pub with a Televisual Lacrima installed, she was about to order some strawberry juice when it happened:

    “A group of bandits has broken into Shipping Co. and made away with their entire payment for a whole months work! Rune Knights and officials are on the case but lost sight of them in the mountain pass.”

    Justicia’s strawberry juice came in; she took the glass and drank it, left a tip and skipped out of the pub without a word. There were a lot of bandits these days; well at least she knows the reason why being a mage is a wonderful and dangerous profession. There’s never a dull moment to becoming a mage, life is full of adventures and exciting memories await her beyond the horizon. She went and walked around town for a while, she stopped by a tall building, overseeing the entire block, her eyes caught suspicious characters walking down some empty streets, streets that aren’t usually taken as routes by many, other than the residents of the area. It was time for Justicia to do what she does best, eavesdrop on other people’s business. She dropped down to hide, the suspicious characters stood by a wooden fence, the young mage slip down from the rooftops and descended down quietly, undetected with a presence as that of air.

    Her ears were big enough to hear their entire conversation. Apparently they were bandits that robbed the shipping corporation which was on the news, and it seems Magnolia is the place where they all retreated to. Hearing what they have said, the bandits plan on heading down to Hargeon to prepare a a cargoship and escape. When Justicia heard of this, she decided to tail them, moving without being seen by either them or any residents. It seems that this was just a small group of bandits, as several groups were already on their way to Hargeon. In a hidden location near Magnolia, she followed the bandits towards a small cave with lots of thugs and grunts, moving and transporting supplies onto carts, preparing the horses to move out when they can. They were organized and by the looks of it, they had everything carefully planned out from start to finish. How does she plan to even fight all of them at once? Or perhaps she doesn’t need to fight all of them at once. Hiding among the thick foliages, Justicia carefully sneaked into bandit territory and jumped into the supply carts.

    “Trace on…” She murmured as an old sack would materialize to cover her up. Half an hour remains before official departure, the bandits started to move the caravan, one by one. Justicia was on the cart in the middle of their caravan. With a little bit of her magic, she managed to break off the wheel and the cart blown flat. The caravan was put to a halt to see what’s going on, only to discover a faulty wheel. Of course the bandits can’t abandon the loot but will have to distribute it evenly among the remaining and functioning carts. As soon as they opened the faulty one’s contents, out came Justicia with a kick and another swift kick the followed afterwards, knocking out the first set of bandits of the caravan. Of course others already were alerted that Justicia made her move. Some of their fighters dropped down to engage her, while half the caravan decided to move on. Justicia fired a few shots of Gandr, every bullet landed a perfect shot putting some attacking bandits down. One shot, one bad guy down.

    Another wave of bandits charged at her, but Justicia ran out of bullets and so she was compelled the run.

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