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    Deum Patrem(Armor) [W.I.P.]

    Ophelia Katulai

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    Deum Patrem(Armor) [W.I.P.]

    Post by Ophelia Katulai on 8th July 2016, 9:15 pm


    Name: Deum Patrem
    Rank: Strong(+)
    Type: Outfit(Mainly the dress)
    ... Long, long ago...

    There was a woman in a simple village, a seamstress to be exact. Her fingers were calloused and scratched due to the long years of labour, however she managed to retain such a pleasant smile, her heart pure and innocent. Truly this woman had the cleanest soul of all, yet to be tainted by the demons of the world.

    And so, the people in the village dubbed her Aina the Kind.

    Aina would sew many lovely dresses and suits, many shirts and many skirts, all with such magnificent quality. Noblemen from across Fiore would come to see such lovely talent. Lords begged Aina to sew clothing solely for them, others pleaded her hand in marriage so they may keep such a pure jewel all to themselves. But of course, Aina the Kind would reject each one, for her heart belonged to none but her work. Oh how kindred a spirit she was, and the potential suitors could not even hold a grudge against something so sweet, so smooth like velvety satin itself.

    One day, on a fine summer evening, a priest arrived in the little village, seeking council with Aina the Kind herself. Of course, the seamstress agreed, and ceased her work to meet with the man of the Gods.

    "Oh Aina, splendid Aina, blessed art thee, the divines hath spoken "

    "And what hath they say?"

    "That thee, purest of souls, cleanest of slate, hath been requested to sew clothes fit for a god."

    The kindest being had been taken aback by this request. Clothes fit for a god? But whom would wear such a thing? Aina nodded her head slowly, her calloused fingers interlocking as she accepted such an offer. "Yes," She said, "I will sew these clothes fit for a god... However... Thou must maketh me a promise."

    "Anything, sweet Aina."

    "I must deliver these clothes myself."


    And so a deal had been made; Aina the Kind will not only create clothing fit for a god, she will deliver it herself and partake in a treacherous journey to secure the quality of her sewing. For days, for months, for years, the young woman made two fine outfits; One for a boy, and one for a girl, both with the purest white cloth and the most meticulously crafted patterns. Aina marveled at her work, the final product of her labor. With it complete, she carefully wrapped the clothing up, the priest visiting once more to bless it with a spell of protection, hoping to keep it away from beings of dark deceit.

    She began her long journey, first starting with a carriage, then with a horse, and when the horse could no longer carry on she would walk on her own two feet. Miles and miles she went, days and nights flew by her as if the world continued on without her there to catch up to it. And gradually... Aina grew weaker... And weaker, her goal distancing itself even farther than she had anticipated. How many more miles must she walk?

    It was then when Aina the Kind fell, her legs weak and her body giving up on her. With her last breath, Aina clutched the wrapped clothes close to herself and passed peacefully. When travelers had stumbled across the withered body, they found the clothing, still untouched by the harsh forces of nature.

    The clothes were never delivered to the being capable of wearing such illustrious clothing. In fact, it was passed about, sold in auctions, manhandled, bartered for... It was about time it fell into proper hands.

    + The fabric is thin and wispy, allowing movement to be free and more flexible
    + It offers D rank protection as armor itself(Aside from the passive spell)

    - Due to its thin and flimsy material ripping it seems easy

    Passive Spell:
    Name: Blessing of the Kind
    Description: The gods had bestowed a gift to this piece, allowing the wearer protection from Chaotic or Dark magics up to a C ranking. The clothing piece itself emits a faint silver glow, as if it is shrouded in a shield. Per thread, the armor is able to fend off four evil spells before allowing dark magic to penetrate the blessing.

    - D and C ranked enemies(NPCs) are incapable of placing dark or chaotic curses upon the wearer, the clothing is able to take up four evil spells before succumbing to the spell of a fifth attack


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    Re: Deum Patrem(Armor) [W.I.P.]

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 16th December 2017, 5:57 pm


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