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    Appearance of the Messenger, Massecure at Hosenka, (Private KingGil and Lamya)


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    Wielder of Gravition

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    Appearance of the Messenger, Massecure at Hosenka, (Private KingGil and Lamya) Empty Appearance of the Messenger, Massecure at Hosenka, (Private KingGil and Lamya)

    Post by Yodoras on Fri 8 Jul 2016 - 22:01

    It was a hot summer day over Hosenka, however people were walking all throughout the town most known for its spas, however around a certain bar, the air was thick with tension, however the reason for the tension was not apparent on the outside. The inside of the tavern was dim, largely by request by the loudest and most obnoxious customer sitting at the bar, he seemed to be in his mid-thirties, wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt with a dark blue vest over that, coupled with white slacks, He had blond hair and was wearing a stylish set of white glasses. He had a large bottle of beer out infront of him next to a recently refilled glass. “Wooooooweee! Man I sure am living the good life!” The Patron was obviously drunk, the bartender had his back to him with an annoyed expression on his face, whereas the bars one Waitress had been helping the other guests. A three-man band was on the stage playing soft and slow music trying to help keep things calm.

    The Obnoxious patron downed another glass and then looked at the Bartender with a lazy expression, “Reload me Capt’n.” The Bartender sighed and turned around, he was a man in his late 50s, wearing your typical bartender outfit with greyed hair, “Jaxon, when are you planning to go home… its been ten days since you have first come here…” The Bartender then reached for the bottle and refilled his glass, as Jaxons expression turned sour, “Hic*… theres no home for me anymore… Hence why I’m making this my home now! Hic!” Jaxon raised his glass as he then downed it, the waitress came around to the bar to get the next order of drinks, That’s when Jaxon suddenly turned halfway around and grabbed her by her arm, “Come ere babe hic! Why don’t you have some fun with me later on?” The Waitress jumped at the suddenness and pushed against his chest with her right hand trying to get away from him, she seemed to be in her late teens, wearing a traditional Waitress uniform(Black dress shirt and black slacks.), “N-No thank you… I have to work” The bartender slammed his fist on the bar, “Jaxon Let her go!” “Oh come on Pops, I just wantsh a Little fun,” He started to reach for her with his other hand when another Patron came up and grabbed his wrist,  “That’s enough Kind sir…, please let the young lady go…” Jaxon looked at the man and scowled and then let go of the waitress and punched the defending patron in the face, the bartender quick;y walked around and went to the Waitress, “Come here Sophia, get behind me.” She did as she was told, “Thank you Mr. Wanderweich…” The two men fought for a few minutes when suddenly Four Rune Knights burst in from outside, the leader stepped forward and yelled out, “Everyone freeze! This inn is now under a investigation, there is possibly a wanted International Criminal in here!” Behind them three foreign Scientists walked in and hid behind the Rune Knights, each of them holding strange pieces of technology.

    The Bartender began to sweat, “You are free to search, but don’t damage anything,” The patrons began to grumble in disapproval however Jaxon now bruised up took a step forward, “Oh Yeah! Hic! Like any dumb criminal would come and hide in Hosenka!” The scientists had been looking at their equipment suddenly looked up and the one in front pointed at Jaxon, “Its him! That’s the man we have been hunting!” The entire Inn went quiet from those words, the Bartenders face started to turn beat red in rage and Sophia hid behind him. Jaxon however stood with his mouth agape, and then took a step forward, “Hey wait a minute now You have to have the wro-“ Suddenly one of the Rune Knights appeared behind him and slammed him against the ground while restraining one of Jaxons Arms behind his back. “You are coming with us, and then you are going back to Bosco to face your crimes,” The various patrons in the Bar started to whisper amongst themselves as they escorted Jaxon out of the bar in handcuffs, all the while he kept yelling that he was innocent with no one paying him any heed, The bartender nodded and then went back to his bar, “Good riddance,” As he did a group of Patrons huddled outside the door jeering at him as the group headed down the street.

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