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    The Sweet Taste of Jealousy (solo)


    Harbinger of Death

    Harbinger of Death

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    The Sweet Taste of Jealousy (solo) Empty The Sweet Taste of Jealousy (solo)

    Post by Vlad 7th July 2016, 4:34 pm

    "Love cannot be bought."
    "Our love will transcend the heavens."
    These are things often said by those who do not realize how weak the human heart, soul, body and mind are; these are the ignorant fools who believes love will triumph all. They believe that the "good guys" shall be victorious. They are simply misguided men, not having any blame held on themselves. By simply following the usual societal standards they become content with what they have, not suspecting they may lose it. This is ourbsetting; our protagonist, Vlad, will be occupying. Sent out to destroy the love between two individuals for a bit of jewels. A simple task, with a simple reward.

    "If these people did their own dirty work I wouldn't be able to make such easy money." He chuckled as he walked down the street. "Breaking a couple up? Easy money." This statement was a bit troublesome for Vlad, although he was the one to say it. Easy money was boring, nothing but money was gained from such a job; he wouldn't learn anything new, nor would he gain a fascinating story. While it was disappointing, there wasn't much he could do about it. As a D-rank Guild less mage, without a mentor to boot, there weren't many options...

    The plan here was relatively simple; any man could pull it off... Kill the male lover, and deliver some forged letters to the female. Vlad would be able to sacrifice the man to increase his demons powers, and/or eat the male and gain a servant. He hadn't decided on what he had wanted to do, but he would decide soon enough. The goal, at the moment, would be to simply kill the man. This wouldn't prove much of a challenge, however, he would have to have a decent plan land out for the disposal... Ah! He knew exactly what to do. By simply exchanging some words, or as we would call it threats, with a local restaurant manager he was able to obtain the keys to a fine establishment and the kitchen. Preparations must be made! This trap must be... perfect!

    Within an hour Vlad had written the following letter, and delivered it to the male:

    "My dearest [insert male lovers name here], I have had my father make special arrangements at [insert restaurants name here]! I have something important to discuss with you. It is of the utmost urgency that you get to [insert restaurants name here] in an hour. No earlier. No later.

    With all the love in the world,
    [Insert female lovers name here]"

    'Too easy' he thought to himself, closing the letter and walking towards the males residency. Quickly approaching the males house he took a look inside; he saw a man of average height, though a bit muscular. 'Eh, I could use him. I suppose.' He chuckled softly to himself. Slipping the note under the oak door, he proceeded to knock, walking away toward the restaurant.

    Having a few moments he sat down and took out another few pieces of parchment and began to complete the second half of the task; writing the letters to the female. He wrote the following:

    "I can no longer deal with this; it has been bother me for the longest of times. Your incessant nagging... The way your family looks at me. The way you speak; it all has begun to annoy me. I have come to hate the thought of even being in the same room as you. The thought of being in this relationship for even a moment longer causes me to lose my appetite and feel uneasy. This is the end of it. I have decided to start my life a new, in a foreign land. Do not attempt to search for me, it would only further this deep hatred I've been harboring.

    [Insert male lovers name here]"

    'That should be more than enough. God, why are people so easy to manipulate! Oh, my lord! It is nearly time~!" He spoke with a childlike delight, rushing into the kitchen. Grabbing a boning knife he marveled at the scene he had set.

    The entirety of the restaurant had been covered in a thin cloth; while it took him quite some time to lay down the cloth it would allow for a quick cleanup; no one would ever know what had happened here. Ah, he could marvel at his own genius later, it was time to complete his mission.Blowing out the candles he sat, awaiting the males entrance.

    While it took the man about twenty minutes to arrive he hadn't even cared. The time was comparable to when one was hunting a deer. Patience is key.

    The door creeper open, with [insert male lovers name] entering. As he stepped in, closing the door behind him, a net fell over the man. With him now trapped Vlad walked over, pinning him from behind, he slit the man's neck. "Too easy..." He had sighed. He had some hope his prey would fight back...

    Shrugging he dragged the body into the kitchen, he began to go to work. This was purely for him, this was not part of what the man had requested. "Where to begin?" He chuckled, packing the net away for future use. Thankfully he was able to steal that from a local fisherman, I mean borrow....

    Cracking the man's skull with a meat tendering he began his work. Slicing the brain stem he pulled out the man's brain; it was a cute pink... like a raw meat. Lighting the stove he put would place a pan, with a very fine covering of butter, over the flame. Slicing the brain into fine slices he would place them in the pan, he would begin to cook the meat. He hadn't had a good meal in a few hours, and this would hit the spot. Slicing the man's abdominal cavity he would remove the liver and begin to cook it as one would any other beef.

    Skipping ahead, who cares how he ate the... food, he would go to deliver the letter. Simply sliding it under the females door.

    Now, after cleaning the kitchen and restaurant, he would call forth his new summon. A magical circle formed on the ground below them, beginning to grow the male would form.

    "State your name and abilities."

    "Henry Ingal.
    Lovers remorse: This allows me to enter a rage, a tracking any enemy. Due to the remorse I hold over being unable to see my beloved."

    "I'll call you when your needed." He dismissed the man and went to collect his reward.

    Completed by WC. 1100/900

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