Tainted Lightning (Natsu/Social)


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    Tainted Lightning (Natsu/Social)

    Post by Sol on 4th July 2016, 12:49 pm

    It was another day up in Mt Hakobe in the guild hall of Basilisk Fang, the members whispered and talked of rumors and information they had gained from previous days while drinking and eating on the lower levels of the guild. Up on the second floor however a set of golden snakelike eyes watched them like a hawk. Sol stood on the balcony of the second floor with his cloak down and his face exposed as he watched all of the lower members scurrying below, The man had recently been appointed the Ace of the guild and he held that position with pride as he had worked hard to gain that title and many thought he was deserving of it.

    The slayer wondered slightly what his mistress was planning on doing with the items he had gained from his exam since the eyes of a basilisk would make a very potent weapon but then why gather the blood unless she planned to give it to stein for research. The slayer still was unsure what her plans were but no matter what he would follow any order he was given to the letter he always did.


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