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Revival Dawn


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Revival Dawn Empty Revival Dawn

Post by Muscia on Sat 2 Jul 2016 - 18:39

Revival Dawn 1z1bckp
Revival Dawn Coolte12

Revival Dawn is a newborn One Piece AU RP, with a large appetite for newcomers. Pioneers of Revival Dawn, as we call our newkamas, will be greatly rewarded for joining Revival Dawn in its beginning stages. With a lush background history and a player-driven plot, Revival Dawn seeks to empower its players with the capacity to change the world. Pioneers will have a head start with bonus levels and prominent world positions on offer as we continue to increase our populace. If you have high ambitions and a tolerance towards growing sites, come find your place at Revival Dawn . Don your gear, eat your devil fruits, and change the world! (Try not to jump into the sea though!)
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