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    Shin Katari
    Shin Katari

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    Post by Shin Katari on 15th March 2012, 1:44 pm

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    Death, love, tragedy, and epic adventures await those who come to these lands...

    The Land Of Fiore

    Imagine a word of magic being ripped apart.

    Imagine things happening that should not be possible.

    Imagine. That you have the power to change it.

    There is, as always, a light amongst this darkness. Chaos is slowly spreading through the land. The people's hopes are flickering.. Much more darkness is coming. The people's light will extinguish without the aid of heroes. These people have things far worse than death to fear.

    Natsu, Lucy, Laxus, Makarov, Jellal, Erza, Gray, and all the other hero's of old have all died fighting the good fight. It's your turn now to master magic and take the fight to the darkness.

    Are you prepared?

    In a land where the great mage guilds have been destroyed, where evil has swept through the country, destroying the peace that used to stand, comes a mage that will change the face of the world. Faced with unparalleled dangers, immense quests, and dangerous enemies, one must ask himself.

    Are you ready?

    Welcome to Fairy Tail RPG, where your visions come true through your words. You control the destiny of your character, the hardships he goes through, the quests he must partake on to either increase his Guild's reputation, or soil it. Coupled with a friendly, helpful staff, FTRPG brings forth a professional RPG environment for those players who want to visualize and create their very own Fairy Tail story. Do you have what it takes, mage, to bring the world back to order?

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