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    Meeting with an old friend [Social/Elyx]


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    Meeting with an old friend [Social/Elyx] Empty Meeting with an old friend [Social/Elyx]

    Post by Aria 2nd July 2016, 7:17 am

    It was another lovely afternoon at the Spectral Sweets Cafe, and like usual the cafe was full of people. One table occupied by a group of friends happily recalled the wondrous adventures they had today; while the table next to it occupied by a family of four, composed of two child and their parents, were all laughing at the crazy prank that the younger child had pull on his older sibling; and then there was the table for two where two lovers sat, locked in each others gaze as they quietly took slices of cake off their lovers plate. It was a good thing that she managed to find a nice spot for her little sweet house. Roses of different size, shape and color surrounded the quaint little shop, drawing customers who are done walking the endless rose mazes of the Rose garden.



    Meeting with an old friend [Social/Elyx] Aria13

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