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    Ilacs! [Job]

    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    Ilacs! [Job] Empty Ilacs! [Job]

    Post by Kai Dehiro on 30th June 2016, 3:34 pm

    The Ilac. It was a costly item for sure, and Kai did not want to pay for it. So what was he going to do? It was simple, he was going to steal it. Well this was his plan. He was going to walk up to the clerk, slam his or her face against the counter, push through the glass, get the Ilac, and walk away. There were customers that were going to try to get him for that, but he was going to walk in without any fear. He had five swords summoned behind his back, floating and waiting for an order provided that be needed at all. They were ready to fire if anyone behind him would try to attack. And he had hoped that there would be a legal mage to stop him. But no, that was most likely not going to be the case. It placed a smile on his face, the lips being the only visible part of it. The hood and his hair were covering his yellow eyes, which made him seem a lot creepier. And once they had glowed, his chaos instincts began to play with his mind. The store doors were opened normally so no one would attack him before he could get to the clerk. The man would turn around and watch as the hooded Dream mage walked over to him. Before he could even speak, he would grab the back of the mans neck and slam it down against the glass counter with a mighty amount of force, forcing him to fall onto the ground behind the counter. The people turned their heads towards him. The blades pointed out towards him. And now to make sure his voice is not known, he would just have them continue to point and threaten. They do not know his name or identity. And so he would begin to make his way into the glass counter by punching through the area that had already been cracked, grabbed the Ilac, and left the scene quickly, the blades following him from behind and so he would make his escape It was an easy Grand Theft. And the town will be confused and kind of scared that there was someone who was a thief, and it would be funny if he ended up on the news the next day. It was deserved for killing someone over a piece of metal, but still worth the attention. Then again, Tartarus was supposed to be a secret. Oh well, they were unable to connect the guild to himself, which was mighty fine with him. It was rather interesting how easy it was, it happened in about a minute if not even less, and he was able to steal something that had a lot of value to others. Oh well, it was his now. If no one had the guts to be able to steal, then their punishment was to cough out jewels from their wallet. Welcome to the real world, where you can't just be nice.


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