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    Delivery Guy

    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    Delivery Guy Empty Delivery Guy

    Post by Kai Dehiro on 30th June 2016, 2:45 pm

    All right, there was a man who was crying on the side of the road because of his truck falling apart. Is this what he had heard? Are we sure that this was the case and that this man was not being such a lazy and stupid prick? Kai did not care that he claimed he did not have much money, the man needed to learn some magic and take some jobs like the rest of the world. There was a magic trick, being able to work hard and earn some cash in the end, now that was beautiful. Did driving around and walking a few steps to put random pieces of paper into a little mailbox count as a hard work? It did not pay well the man deserved it. Oh well, it was a few free jewels, and though it was not able to pay his rent, he was going to take it anyways. He would grab the envelops and begin to walk around with his Dream sheep. The three of them could split the work altogether and be done within about an hour or two. The three would travel far and meet at the East Forest in case they got lost. None of them did though, they have been in Magnolia so many times that it was known like the back of the Dream mages back hand. It was easy for them to do this. Though the letter bringing process was rather slow, it was rather easy for 750 jewels. Why did the mailman not do this again? Then again, considering the fact that he could only walk a few steps before needing to get back in the truck, it most likely would make sense for him to struggle the distance of an average D rank attack. It was rather pathetic to see a grown man act so helpless. Oh well. And so the blonde and his two sheep would continue to travel until they eventually had no more letters left. Now all they had to do was go back to the East forest. Magnolia was not too big And once they got to their location, they would begin to make their way back. The two sheep would no longer be summoned since they were not needed anymore. And so he would place them back and they would leave him be, no longer were they able to come over to him for a little while. Now it was time to find the lazy mailman who was unable to walk for the sake of his life. And once he got the jewels, maybe he could insult his client. Or not. Who knows, Kai did not really care for feelings. There was a lack of chaos today to be honest, which was a bit of a disappointment, like the man himself. But it was somewhat worth it, he was able to pay for another night at the inn. Oh how the ladies must love a guy like that. A hustler.


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