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    Tag! [Job]

    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    Tag! [Job] Empty Tag! [Job]

    Post by Kai Dehiro on 30th June 2016, 2:32 pm

    Did he want to play tag? Did he really want to play tag with a bunch of little kids? Did they think of his so lowly that he was just going to play tag with some random kids. Were they serious? They should know that they should not be asking strangers for such a game. Because someone like Kai might come around and ruin their days, because their lives would be on the line. For example, for every time he was tagged, someone dies. But there was already a bit of chaos back in the land of Rose Garden, so he had his fair share of chaos for the day. Instead, he decided to have a little bit less of an approach. People were going to recognize his face as a monster if they realized his previous activities. And so Kai would decide to play a game of tag with the kids. Such a stupid game, why did he even bother wasting his time with it again? The kids were not too fast, which was natural. Some of them were not able to play the game fairly, because they were as stupid as they were short, and some of them were even arguing about if they were even tagged or not? There were people that were literally burning alive as they were screaming at each other, did they know this? What kind of parents were they raised under? Then again, no one really did give him a chance to be so happy and free. All of the creativity and innocence beaten out of him by his father, his mother being a drunk. It was not really too fair, now should he kill their creativity and innocence? No. Or at least, not yet. One day they will all grow up to be his slaves, and then they can suffer. Only children can have the happy lives when Kai made his monarch. But for now, he was just going to play tag. There might have been a time where he almost strangled a kid for actually getting him. Somehow, a kid was able to best him at the game and caught him when he was tagged from behind. Of course, he never actually did it, but the Dream mage was fulfill well ready. For some reason, he began to like the kids. It was weird, but to interact with them somehow made him feel better. Naturally, he would love to put a dagger through their hearts and twist the blade, but this will have to do for now, just watching them cry as they fell down and telling them to walk it off and stop being such a baby. Somehow, that actually got them to shut up and suck it up. Sure, blood was a problem, but that was just a perfect way to see if their bodies were clotting properly. And with that, their stupid game of tag was over. It did not pay, because it was not a job, but it was something different. Well okay then.


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