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    To Earthland and Beyond [Job]

    Kai Dehiro
    Kai Dehiro

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    To Earthland and Beyond [Job] Empty To Earthland and Beyond [Job]

    Post by Kai Dehiro 30th June 2016, 1:44 pm

    There is a small chance of getting it if he were honest. There was also a small chance of getting it if he were to act like some shady character. This was where his training as a bounty hunter came in, where he would have to act like a completely different person. New name, Elyx Reiaki. Nevermind, bad name. Any other name but that one. Now that he was a God of Ishval, and there was probably a lot of people who have not seen him wearing a hood, it was likely he would get arrested for it. What name would sound like a new one. Something... Different. Vincent. A one name name. It was an odd one for this era, but that was the point, someone would just tilt their head to the side and open their mouth just a little in a curious form with a question mark on their head. But they would not actually question his identity, which was what he needed as a result of that. Placing his hands in his pockets, he would wait the long line. And wait. And wait. Well okay then, had long was this supposed to take exactly? This scenario made him kind of anxious. There must be something in the world that needed to be destroyed. Something fragile! Something explosive! SOMETHING! It was making him kind of go insane now. There needed something that needs to restart somewhere in the world, and here he was waiting for a freaking passport to travel! What kind of trash is this!?

    And so he would make it to the front of the line while a little bit agitated. This man was lucky that there was a huge crowd of witnesses, and he would love to kill them all. The crime scene however would be much too big for him to cover up, and he would instead refrain from doing such a stupid thing. Instead, he would just do casual business with the man. When asked for a photo, he would instead choose to not do such a thing, and so no photo would be shown on his passport. This man things a bit harder, more papers and stuff like that, but at least his identity was safe. After all of that had been done, he realized that there was no time to do anything. It was already evening, and his body did not feel like doing any hard work. At least now he has some new territory that he could legally enter so he could destroy. It was a long term investment, but today, he felt like he wanted to punch through a building in anger. Sadly, he did not have the same strength that he had once had in the past, so something like that was not a possible scenario. On the upside, he now gave his guild a little more territory to explore and play on. So that was a plus. So at a small cost now, there will be something greater in the far future.


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