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    Goldfish Therapy (Solo, job)


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    Goldfish Therapy (Solo, job) Empty Goldfish Therapy (Solo, job)

    Post by FeitanKazeshini on 30th June 2016, 12:34 pm

    Feitan sighed heavily as he walked through the small town of Clovers. He didn’t know why he was still here. He had finished a job that had been here quick enough, and now he was simply walking through the town without much to worry about. Still, he didn’t need to get back to the Laughing Coffin guild hall just at this moment so he was going to enjoy himself a bit with a small bit of sight seeing. Not that he really cared about doing such a thing himself. Yet, as he was walking past some homes a school bell rang out and lots of those snot nosed little brats ran out passing him. He leapt up into the air and into a tree in order to avoid the stampede of infection baring ankle biters. 

    Some stopped to look up at him, but others simply ran past him as fast as they could manage and headed home. He groaned as he sat up in the tree of his and waited till he couldn’t see any more of these filthy animals. It was several really, really long minutes perhaps even an hour before he couldn’t see them anymore, or rather those he could see were far away from him meaning they wouldn’t be able to touch him. He was about to start snoozing in the warm summer sun and relax, but that wasn’t going to happen simply due to the fact that an earsplitting cry ripped through the quiet day. This caused him to fall out of the tree and land right on his ass. He groaned and slowly got up to his feet looking around in order to find the source of that crazy sound. 

    It didn’t take him very long and he quickly found the girl in question who was sitting on her front stoop crying her eyes out. He leaned on the fence with a frown as he looked at her frowning “What is it you are crying about little one?” he asked trying his best to conceal his rage at the matter. It was either help this girl, or cut her damned head off. So he decided to go with this route. 

    She looked up at him with big wet eyes “m-my gofish is gone….i-I weft this morning after feeding him a-and now he gone.” 

    Feitan’s eye twitched in annoyance, but he inhaled slowly and deeply in order to gather up his thoughts and he spoke slowly “Little one your goldfish most likely is dead. He won’t be coming back.” She was about to start crying but Feitan clapped loudly getting her attention and he looked at her “But that doesn’t mean you need to cry. The reason being is because while he may be gone.” He waved her over and she came so he leaned in a bit more “If you have no fish, then your parents are most likely to get you a puppy or a kitten. All you have to do is walk around the house complaining how you miss your fish, or just ask them outright.”

    At this prospect the girl’s eyes widened with hope and joy and she sniffled out before running back into the house. Feitan laughed as he quickly made his way out of the town in order to avoid any complications from his little subterfuge.


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