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    Fur Covered Passport {Solo/Job}

    Noa Kuroki
    Noa Kuroki

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    Fur Covered Passport {Solo/Job} Empty Fur Covered Passport {Solo/Job}

    Post by Noa Kuroki 30th June 2016, 1:10 am

    Kenyon had been looking though job flyers all morning but for some reason they all had requested to have a passport. He sighs heavy, "Looks like I need to get my self a passport before I can do any of these." So he had began to go all around asking for any way to get a passport. Lucky for Kenyon that two guys had been bragging about getting their passports so easily compared to most other people. He walked over to the table where they were siting at an talked to them about getting a passport. After a little while they  had explained everything to Quinn witch was the name of the girl's body that Kenyon had attracted what was left of it to her own. "Well that should be easy enough. I will go there right way. Thank you." Kenyon had learned that they would be giving out passports in 'Rose Gadien' to night. But there's very few of them so he must get there early and ask enough to get him self one.
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