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    Hoka Tatakai
    Hoka Tatakai

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    Hoka's Character Bank Empty Hoka's Character Bank

    Post by Hoka Tatakai 19th January 2013, 1:18 pm

    Character: Hoka Tatakai

      Primary Magic: Lacrima
      Caster or Holder: Holder
      Description: A form of Magic that revolves around the use of Lacrima containment balls, allowing the caster to conjure, manipulate, and control the energy/s sealed within for various purposes. Even empty Lacrima balls can be used like a gypsy fortune teller to channel energy located from place or person to perceive events or at higher levels even summon beings. Thus it focuses on the brutal cycle of creation and destruction of its core fondation, the Lacrima ball.
      Uniquely usable by those born to that of the Time Keeper's Curse Lineage.
      Allows the user to view the past freely
      Magics such as those found in Re-equip's, Take-over, and even Celestrial that does not cast magic against the user per say but uses other more physical means.
      Limited in offence and defence if there is not the propper Magic used against the user to draw off of.
      Allows the user to view the past of either a location or a person while gazing into a empty Lacrima Ball without the use of a spell.

    Name: Creation of the Lacrima
    Rank: D
    Type: Item Magic
    Description: Focusing on the palm of his/hers right hand while his left grabs onto their right wrist. The castor with then force a grey spell circle to appear written on the palm of their hand. A cloud of smoke poof from the spell circle obscuring the hand before it fades away along with the spell circle leaving behind a clear, unused, and empty Lacrima crystal ball with a six inch diameter. Lasts until the Lacrima is destroyed.
    Produces a single empty Lacrima crystal ball
    Has no use offensively.
    Has no use defensively.
    Can be interupted.
    Cooldown: 2 user posts

    Name: Charge the Lacrima
    Rank: D
    Type: Sealing Magic
    Description: Thrusting out an empty lacrima crystal ball at a viable spell(Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Metal, Lightning, Poison, Shadow, Light, Ice, Storm, Sound, Etc.) whether it be offensive, defensive, or supplementary the wielder will then say absorb causing a grey spell circle to appear on the ball causing it to absorb and convert a d-ranks worth of magical energy of the spell into Neutral magical energy. Once sealed and charged the Lacrima ball will become blue tinted. Stores the energy until it is used.
    Drains energy from other spells making them less effective then the would have been.
    Can only be used with an empty Lacrima crystal ball.
    One Charge attempt per ball.
    Cooldown: 3 user posts

    Name: Lacrima Recall
    Rank: D
    Type: Holder Magic
    Description: The castor gazes into the Lacrima crystal, while having two hands on it, normally holding it. The castor will then ask for someone to touch it as he focuses energy into the ball causing it to glow a white before it projects a point in the past pinpointed within a focused memory, whether it be from the person asked to touch or if there be no other person the castor then. The projection fills the room leaving the castor and who ever is touching if there is someone touching the Lacrima within to watch the recreation of the past. However only those touching the ball can see,hear,or smell what happened in that location in the past. Once the casto removes a hand from the Lacrima ball the spell ends and the Lacrima ball shatters.
    Allows the castor or other party to watch where he left his keys.
    Great for guilt trips.
    Not limited to the view of just what you saw but everything that was happening around you.
    Not suitable for combat.
    Destroys the Lacrima ball
    Can not interact with the past.
    Cooldown: The rest of the Thread

    Name: Lacrima Bomb
    Rank: D
    Type: Holder Magic
    Description: After having performed Charge the Lacrima The user will focus on the blue tinted lacrima causing a white gleam to shine across the surface of the ball. The user will then get rid of the Lacrima usually tossing or rolling it at an intended target, after all it only takes one of the three activation words to set it off. "Boom", spoken from the castor for the charged Lacrima to explode with Concussive force capable of dispelling/neutralizing other D-rank spells or just knock some one off their feet with its non-damaging shock wave, however by the user saying,"Smoke." the Lacrima will explode into a thick billowy cloud of dense, lingering black smoke screen with a 15 meter diameter causing those caught within, even the user, to be unable to see even a shadow until it clears 3 posts unless acted on by a wind spell. Lastly at the word "Flash.", will cause it to explode into a brilliantly bright light capable of blinding those that see it go off for 2 posts.
    Takes no concentration after the Lacrima Bomb has been "primed" to set it off.
    Explosive is determined by keyword making it useful in a variety of situations.
    Allows the user to use his opponents magic energy against him.
    Does not provide great physical damage.
    Destroys the Lacrima ball
    Cooldown: 3 user post

    Pet: None


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    4. Ha It's the New Guy(open to one/no kill/no dice) Arena

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